Satan attacks

Satan's purpose is to divert you or distract you from what God desires you to do. To do this he has to hide the truth from you. He does this by:

making you believe something is true when it is not true, or

making you believe something is not true when it is true.

Satan's purpose is to divert you or distract you from what God desires you to do. To do this he has to hide the truth from you. He does this by:

making you believe something is true when it is not true, or

making you believe something is not true when it is true.

The truth frees you from Satan's control which is why you need to know it. When you do not know what the truth is,  never argue, reason, react or assume because Satan can use these things against you.

The purpose of Satan is to be worshiped as God and to rule the universe instead of Jesus. Christians hinder him in doing this so are the focus of his attacks in this world which he rules.

We are told Satan walks around like a lion  seeing whom he can devour (destroy) and make part of his kingdom.  The only people he is really interested in attacking are those not of his kingdom,, namely those of The Kingdom of God - Christians.  So Christians who ignore him or do not believe he can attack them are those he majors on.

Those he has in his kingdom he uses for his purposes so that his attacks have two approaches:

Direct attacks by his demons

Indirect attacks by those he controls.

Satan tries to shake your faith and trust in whom God is and in His love for you by creating doubt in you about these things so he can provide for you his (Satan’s)  alternatives.

According to whom you believe God is will be determined how you obey God and fight his enemy, Satan.

Faith is a belief in things you cannot see and is the evidence (demonstrates) of what you believe in and hope for (Heb 1:1).

If you do not believe in whom God is and that it is worthwhile obeying Him you will not obey God in the way He desires you too (Heb 11:6).

Do Christians have to be concerned about being attacked by Satan?

Some Christians do not believe Satan attacks you once you become a Christian or that his attacks cannot affect you once you become a Christian and some do not even believe in him.

A study of Job chapter 1 shows he exists and when he is able to attack a person who is a follower of God (e.g. a Christian).

In Job chapter 1 verse 1, we are told he Job a man who was in a correct relationship with God  then we are told how many children he had and how wealthy he was.

In verses six and seven we are shown Satan wanders the earth and he has a right too because he is the God of it (because most follow what he suggests they do) and he has a right to rule for six days (6000 years) because the earth is then given rest on the seventh day (1000 years) when Jesus rules in his Millennial Kingdom.

God asked Satan if there was anyone as  righteous as  Job, showing how correct the relationship was that Job had with God. In verses 10- 12 Satan is claiming that God is protecting Job even though Job does not fully trust God. This is shown chapter 3 verse 25 where Job states he was afraid he would lose everything God had given him  because he was afraid God could not protect it, and that what he was afraid of has happened. So Satan used the one area of faith Job was lacking in as it was the only area he was to attack Job in and even then he had to ask permission from God to do it.

Satan attacked Job by destroying his finances and removing his close relationship except for his wife who told him to admit he had sinned.

This attack did not shake Job's faith and so Satan asked if he could attack his health and God allowed him too. This second attack was allowed to prove Job's faith and was not because Job had any area in Job’s life that Satan was using attack him.

Job did not believe he had sinned and fell into self pity justifying himself before his three friends

God did not justify His actions to Job but showed to Job His to true nature at which point Job realised that God's purposes far superior to anything Job could imagine and repented of his self-pity and of his complaining to God.

So we can see Satan only has the right to attack an area Jesus is not Lord of and that Satan first attacks finances and relationships and then attacks your health. We also are shown that God allows attacks by Satan for the purposes of teaching us things.

If you do not go through trials then I would be concerned because Satan does not believe you are worthwhile attacking because he has you where he wants you unless you know it is because God is completely Lord of all your life and is using the attack to teach you something, to prepare you for ministry or life in heaven.

So the answer to the question is that we have to be concerned about a lack of attack by Satan as it means God cannot use thee to mature or teach you and that Satan does not think you are a threat to him.

The truth sets you free

Satan has top deceive you to succeed in an attack and we are told in various verses  God will tell us what we need to know (Duet 29:29) and His Truths He tells you will set you free (Rom 8:32) to be able to refute the deceit Saran is trying to have you accept  because you know the truth that will allow you to fight his attacks and refute his lies and deceit he is trying to have you accept.

Because of this Satan has to hide the truths God from you or have you misunderstand them so that you will overemphasize a part of, ignore a part of it or not understand it.

He does this by trying to  deceive or distract you so that you will not do what God requires of you either in part or whole.

A cult starts through misinterpretation of Scripture either deliberately or through misunderstanding what it says. In all cults there is a form of religion as men try to fill the space missing through activity they believe will compensate for the missing truths they need to know that are not there .

This is why it is necessary to know what the Bible says and have someone who properly understands it to be available to help you when you do not understand something or to guide you when you are entering into error in an understanding of a part of the Bible.

Satan’s main Approach

Satan works on our relationship with God to imply we do not have one with him or at  Best it is not a good one.

Firstly, he takes your focus off God and His things so that you will ignore God’s control and look at yourself and your problems and try to deal with them without asking God what He desires done with them.

He then makes you doubt God loves you so that you feel rejected by God and unloved by him.

He then isolates you those who could encourage and guide you and help you in your Christian life, and who would expose the lies you have accepted which Satan has told you.

This is why you need to know the truths of God and the loving relationship He has with you so that you can fight the lies Satan tries to have you accept that would remove or modify negatively the understanding you have of these.

Satan tries to stop you  knowing or expressing God or His Kingdom. Specifically:

His Love

His Character

His Kingdom

His Truths

His enemy (Satan) and his tactics

Satan tries to distract or deceive you from focusing on:

Who God is

His Kingdom

His Things

His work for you

He does this so you will focus on what he wants you to do:

Worship him

Promote his kingdom

Promote his values and morals

Promote his war against God in some way

To do the above things Satan has to occupy your mind's thoughts so that The Holy Spirit will not be heard and so that they can influence you through the things (his world system) he has around you and through the Demons placing their thoughts in your mind in the hope you will think they are your own thoughts and will do them.

He uses pleasure and rewards or pain to remove from your life something God desires you to have. He attacks your mind, your health, relationships and finances. It tries to wear you out or make you believe God has forgotten about you are no longer loves you.

He will tell you the trial will not and God will leave you like you are until you die. But this is a lie as we are told in 1 Corinthians 10:13 that God has always made a way of escape even though it may be death. Besides, the trials of this life only for a short season when compared to the joy we will have in eternity.

Trials serve at least four purposes:

To teach you a lesson you need to know to prepare for heaven or ministry

To develop the character or maturity you need to prepare you for heaven

To bring God glory by the way you suffer the trial

To cause you to repent of a sin so that you will go to hell.

You must examine things to determine how they affect your relationship with God And His purposes for you so that you will see how it affects your holiness and your pursuit of holiness. It is important to pursue holiness because without holiness you cannot approach God, which means you will not go to heaven, you will go to hell.

The life and practice of holiness requires you to know God's requirements of you so that you can do them as well as to  be able to realise when Satan is trying to use the world system to replace God's standards and requirements in you.

This is hard these days because modern Bibles do not say the same thing and do not, at times, do not even promote the same doctrines.

Fortunately we have the King James, the Syriac Peshita and the Itala to tell us what was originally written and they all say the same thing basically they you do not have the confusion you have with modern Bibles which means at times you cannot really know what The Bible is sayings.

God will forgive sin but you may still suffer the consequences. An example being a young lady having sex when she is not married. God forgives the sin but she still has baby and to abort it is murder. Sometimes God will heal the consequences of sin but whether or not he does so is determined by what is best for you.

God says we reap what we sow and God is bound by what he pronounces.

Sometimes death will release you from the trial and that is what is best for you at that time

Satan knows the way most people learn about Jesus is through the example of the Christian life and what they tell others about what Jesus has done for them so Satan tries to stop people doing these things.

This is why he has had denominations or churches require people to be qualified to tell about Jesus and to teach about Him. This means most people in churches are not authorized by the denomination or church to evangelize or teach about Jesus. By this he has negated the commands of Jesus that all his followers should be able to do these things.

He also does not encourage people to study the Bible and check whether what they are taught is scriptural so that any error preached will be found out and corrected.

Five specific areas Satan attacks

He stops you seeing God around you

Through his world system around you

Through the media around you

Through education teaching his morals and values

Through his laws and morals he has people legislate

He stops you hearing God

Stop you Hearing The Holy Spirit

Stops you understanding how God guides in His Bible

Stops you obtaining or understanding godly guidance from others

Stops you understanding the 5 basics of God's guidance

What The Bible says


Godly Council

Peace in your heart

He stops  you serving God

Stops you evangelising and telling others what God has done in your life

Stops you teaching others in an official capacity in a denomination

Stops you demonstrating the authority of God’s Kingdom over him

Stops you warring spiritually for others and defeating Satan’s plans and hindering Satan's kingdom

He stops you learning about God

Stops you studying The Bible

Stops you reading The Bible

Stops people encouraging you in your faith

Hinders you understanding Godly council an instruction

He stops you relating to others correctly

Christianity is built on relationships with God and others (Jn 17:3 states this relationship results in salvation).  So Satan's main objective is to destroy these relationships or at least make them dysfunctional. He does this through giving you misinformation about the other half of the relationship so  you become concerned about it and maybe even break it off.

Satan uses slander, gossip, innuendo, lie or any other means that will cause you to doubt your relationship with another.

This is why you must always speak the truth otherwise Satan will use it to cause problems to you or another. In a way this defrauds another and we are told not to defraud another.

Basically, it defrauds another by depriving them of what God wants you to do for them. In other words you are showing a lack of love for them and by this robbing them of something God desires you to do for them even if it is only a part of what God desires to have done for them..

Sin, by its nature, robs another of something God desires them to have.

So when you speak incorrectly about another in any way you are showing a lack of love towards them and there is possibly sin if you know what you are saying is wrong. This is why you never comment on another unless you know what you're saying is true.

He has to hide God and His Kingdom from people

First some definitions


The chief or sovereign of a nation; a man invested with supreme authority over a nation, tribe or country; a monarch. Kings are absolute monarchs, when they possess the powers of government without control, or the entire sovereignty over a nation; they are limited monarchs, when their power is restrained by fixed laws; and they are absolute, when they possess the whole legislative, judicial, and executive power, or when the legislative or judicial powers, or both, are vested in other bodies of men. Kings are hereditary sovereigns, when they hold the powers of government by right of birth or inheritance, and elective, when raised to the throne by choice.


The same role as a king but it is not hereditary


.A commonwealth; a state in which the exercise of the sovereign power is lodged in representatives elected by the people. In modern usage, it differs from a democracy or democratic state, in which the people exercise the powers of sovereignty in person. Yet the democracies of Greece are often called republics.


Government by the people; a form of government, in which the supreme power is lodged in the hands of the people collectively, or in which the people exercise the powers of legislation. Such was the government of Athens.

Satan has to hide God as our King and His Kingdom so that we do  not know what it means to be a citizen of a kingdom and of The Kingdom of God.  So he has earthly kings who do not rule like God does or other forms of government where people think they control things and so hides the control of God over them and the requirements to serve Him  or His Kingdom in all they do.

People then believe they own things and control their own destinies so that Satan can then use them for his purposes.  This allows him to use people to promote his world system so that The Kingdom of God is well hidden from most and even many Churches do not realize or understand it so run the church as if they owned it.

He hides the fact that God owns everything, that we are only stewards of what we have and that we serve God first  and then we serve others in the way He tells us too and should deal with what we are steward of in the way He requires us to deal with them.

The problem with gifts and miracles

Cessationism (The belief the gifts and miracles are not for the modern church)

In the 1600s the Anglican church declared there were no more miracles or gifts expressed because their usage died out with the apostles. This was the view of the Reformation so that these things were absent from preaching in the Western church. Satan's knew that it was these made the Christian faith special and demonstrated the authority of God and His Kingdom over him and by removing them Christianity was little different to other religions where there was a book and guidelines for living given by a ‘god’.

However, unlike very modern Bibles were Jesus is now declared to be a human and not divine they still believed Jesus was the son of God and divine.

When the charismatic and Pentecostal churches started using the gifts and miracles Satan then hijacked them causing excesses and misuse of these so that they were rejected by the fundamental, evangelical church.

So Satan has stopped The Kingdom and its authority being demonstrated so that the evidence of its existence through the demonstration of the authority of its King, Jesus, is not shown.  By this Satan has removed the one weapon against him as people no longer believe we have the authority to cast  Satan out or hinder his plans.

Until the church  starts to demonstrate The Kingdom of God will not represent The Kingdom and will be little different to other religions especially if it believes Jesus was a human who was made God because of what he did.

The latest heresy to make Jesus have some sort life before birth is to say he was a high rating Angel but not as high-ranking as Satan and in fact Satan has had people believe, in some religions, that Jesus was an evil brother of Satan while Satan was the good member of the family.

A problem with Cessationism

One of the problems of Cessationism is the ignoring of the guidance of The Holy Spirit and that the fact that miracles and the gifts were demonstrate well past the 1600’s by some people.  It is easier for a denomination to explain they no longer relevant than to admit they cannot express these thing so something must be wrong somewhere.

Jesus said that His follower would express these things in some way.

Any Christian not expressing these things has a problem as they are not doing what Jesus said they should be doing and if knowingly not doing these things or teaching people to do these things they are sinning.

Satan has to alter The Bible

The Bible is the moral foundation of western society so the destroy the moral fabric of this society he has to destroy the influence of The Bible.

The Bible and its principles  were the basis of society for over 1800 years. He has done this through have a ‘new Greek’ text replace the correct one so that his errors can be better promoted.

Modern Bibles are a result of his maneuvering and express some of his heresies and have be used by him to corrupt Christianity. Through this corruption he has altered Christianity so that it now accepts things that the Bible once forbade.

What follows explains how he has done this.

The destruction of Christianity

What follows is a basic overview of the deceit behind the modern Bibles

Look at the following verse

      Psa 11:3  If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?

There is a principle in this verse that if you remove the basis of what a man believes in you will destroy the belief of a person because they will not know what to believe in as there is no longer a firm or rational basis for their belief.

Now examine the following verse:

      Rom 10:9  That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

This verse states that you must believe Jesus is (Lord) God and that God has raised him from the dead otherwise you will not be able to believe that you are redeemed let alone that you have salvation.

Modern Bible versions do not say the same things and they translate verses differently at times which means there is no version that can truly be said to be correct because all have differences and are based on what the editors believed God wanted to say.

Satan has managed to destroy the foundation of the Bible by changing 20% of it and making people believe this altered Bible is better than the one it replaces even though only 45 manuscripts out of 5145 texts back it up and of the two main manuscripts used: Sinaiticus and 2427, are a fake or possibly a fake and the other manuscript, Vaticanus is, not a fourth century manuscript as is claimed being written between 444 and 464 AD because of the format it was in only being used in this period.  So it cannot be used as a primary source document but only one to refer too if the main documents are conflicting.

I will deal with each of these manuscripts separately.

Codex Vaticanus

Nestle's 27th Greek edition states documents of the third fourth century are our primary documents and are to be used in preference to other documents. The Codex Vaticanus uses a format that was only used for a 20 year period between 444 and 464. So it is a fifth century document and not a fourth century document which means it should not be given the priority it has been given in the preparation of the new Testament Greek used in modern Bibles and should not be considered as a  basis for the New Testament Greek..

Codex Sinaiticus

When this codex was originally seen in the monastery it was stolen from, it was white. The parts of the Codex held in Germany are white as are pages found in the latter part of the 20th century. However, the New Testament that Tischendorf presented to the world was aged and not white which means it had been tampered with or is a forgery. It is interesting that the 19th-century forger master, Simonedes claimed he had written the Sinaiticus when he made a list of documents he had forged..

They were going to test this Codex to see if it was really old as they said it was but this was canceled possibly because of the way they found Codex 2427 to be a fake when they tested its ink. So, until this Codex has been proven to be as old they say it is, it cannot be taken of a source document for New Testament Greek or the one that was originally seen in the monastery.  If it is the one that was seen in the  monastery but aged artificially or as old as they state it to be then why will they not test it or explain why it was artificially aged?

Codex 2427

This Codex came to light in 1974 from a private collection held in Athens it was hailed as an old document so used as a source document for the Gospel of Mark, which was the only book it contained. Tests on the ink showed it could not have been written before 1870 as some of the ink used was not manufactured before this date. It was shown that this ink was original and not a later touch up.

The problem occurred then whether this was this was a copy of an earlier document. It was subsequently proved it was a copy of a New Testament published in 1869 by Phillip Bhuttmann using a poor edition of the Vaticanus put out by the Catholic Priest in charge of it.  Bhuttmann Putman also put in 88 of his own changes to the Greek, 81 of which were copied in Codex 2427. So, not only was it a fake but it was a bad fake. Unfortunately it is used as the main Greek text for most changes in the current gospel of Mark which means the current translation of Mark cannot really be used anything let alone Christian faith or preaching.

As you can see the three main documents used as a basis for the modern Greek text are either a fake (Codex 2472), a possible fake (Sinaiticus) or not a good primary source document as is claimed (Vaticanus) so the first two should not be used as a basis for New Testament Greek and the Vaticanus should only be used as an indication of what might possibly.

It is to be remembered that only 45 documents follow this New Greek text and over 5145 follow the Greek behind the King James Version.  It would appear there is bias in the selection of these 45 texts which makes it even more possible they are not the best texts to base the Greek on.


Satan has managed to use fraud to destroy the Greek text of the New Testament and remove the moral and ethical foundation of Christianity and he has done this in such a way that most Christians and theological scholars are not aware of what he has done. The foundations have been destroyed and the majority of the Christian church now has a Christian faith that is not biblical but believes it is because of the hidden agenda of the modern theological scholarship that edits the modern Greek for the purposes of their agenda that has turned Jesus from God into a human who was made God by what he did.

Only the King James can say it is not fraudulent and the Codices it is based on are not fraud and make up 99% of all codices unlike the 45 behind modern Greek which are less than 1% of all codices we know about.

He has to make you doubt The Bible.

Was he does is to make you doubt the Bible's historical accuracy through using archaeology to try to show the places in the Bible do not exist or science to show the Bible incorrect.  Unfortunately archaeologist keep finding these places that do not exist.

A major problem also are the first chapters in Genesis which are a stumbling block to many people.

Unfortunately for Satan the Bible has been shown to be correct in every area so that these problems no longer cause doubt if the research is done which will show The Bible is correct about them.   Atheists and agnostics promote these errors because they did not they would have to face the fact that God exists and could no longer hold on to their lack of belief in God.

If you believe in whom God is and that the Bible correctly records these events then you will have no problem with Genesis chapters 1 to 11.

If you do not believe in a single thing God wrote in Genesis Ch 1 to 11 then you cannot believe anything else in The Bible .

You are saying either God lied in these chapters or they were not transmitted correctly or The Bible lied about them being from God because they were the myths of men and as you do not know where else in The Bible men got it wrong you cannot believe anything else in it.

This means you cannot really believe what The Bible says about God, Jesus, Salvation Redemption, Heaven and  hell  as well as its requirements for living in a godly way.

You cannot say you are a follower of Jesus because Jesus believed in these chapters as did the apostles.

As men have not correctly heard God to write The Bible or transmit it correctly then they are in no position to later declare that they know what God wanted to say in The Bible, which is the basis of the Greek behind new bibles.  This means you really cannot trust them because they were edited by men who wrote what they thought God wanted to say but cannot really say they are correct in this.

So you believe literally in Genesis Ch 1 to 11 or there is nothing you can rely on as a basis for your 'Christian' faith.

Satan is methodical and has had 6000 years to devise ways to trap modern Christians in his web of deceit and control

To do this he has to make you believe something that is not there or a something that is not a threat to you is actually a real threat.  Alternatively, he has to male something real appear as if it does not exist or something that is not a threat when it actually is a threat.

He does this by planting thoughts in your mind that are incorrect in the hope you will accept them as your own.  This is why it is always good to ask The Holy Spirit to protect and keep your mind through His truths!

He has modified The Bible to water down the requirements of God and whom Jesus is and most Christians do not know this so that Satan is able to promote things such as abortion and same sex marriage and many Christians, who use these ‘new’ bibles accept these things.

To divert or sidetrack you he gives you two paths or things to do in which one seems more preferable than the other in the hope you will follow it.  Naturally it is not the one you should follow as Satan is offering it to you.  This is why you need to be guided by The Holy Spirit so that you know which path or thing to do is the correct one to take.

To hide the real status of things Satan has to do the following:

Replaces God's lifestyle and reality with his own  This is easy to do as he runs the world and is called the god of this world - the spiritual entity people worship, even only through worshiping what he offers them and accepting his values for living whether they know it or not.

He needs to hide God's lifestyle and requirements from his people so he hides The Bible from them and hides the fact they will be judge by God for what they do

He uses pleasure to overcome self-control so you will reject God's lifestyle and follow his.  If people believe there is no life after death or believe you are reincarnated or do not realise God will judge you after they die then there is no need to do good or exercise self control except to stop yourself being hurt.  You can do what  you want to and enjoy what pleasure you can.  After all, if it is legal you can do it.  This is why the homosexual and lesbian agendas are pushed so much in governments so that they can do legally what they want even though God says it is morally wrong.

He hides who Jesus is.  If Jesus is not God then you do not have to do what he said or even believe in the miracles he did.  His Redemption did not occur and you then are required to do things to merit salvation.  You then have  religion no different to that of Mohamed or Buddha.  You can have all Muslims, Buddhists, Christians and Catholics fellowshipping together in a one world religion.  The Jews will not join this group which is why the world government is trying to wipe them out.

He hides himself and hell.  If there is no devil or hell then there is no punishment for sin after death and you can say  what you want about what happens after death and God is not part of what happens as He is considered not to exist or is not relevant.

He promotes him and his demons as being good.  If he cannot have you not believe in him and his demons then he promotes himself as good and Jesus as evil and even promotes Jesus as his more evil brother at times.

The world is a smoke screen to promote Satan, his values, his purposes and his kingdom.  His main weapons are Television and other media, education system, government laws, the legal system and liberal Christian scholars behind the modern bibles.  This is how he has hidden Jesus from people and set up the world to accept his Antichrist who supposedly is the returning messiah.

It is becoming more and more important to be led by The Holy Spirit so you can avoid the traps Satan has set in the world for Christians to fall in.

“For as many as are led by The Holy Spirit are the children of God (His Citizens and followers).


If Satan cannot persuade you to accept what he wants you too he will then try peer pressure (everyone is doing it)  intimidation (do it or get hurt) and/or violence ( you are not doing it so we will kill/hurt you).

If he has not moral or historical basis for the change he wants he will force it some way through threats of violence coupled with misinformation.

This is how he ‘encourages’ people to pass legislation or rules that promote his purposes.

He also makes them vocal to drown out the truth and people that actually try and stop him and have most churches sit idly by ignoring what he is doing.

This is how modern ‘liberal’ lifestyles try and get acceptance by the establishment because they have no real basis that is acceptable to God or society  for their lifestyle

Closing comments on this section

To succeed in doing these things Satan has to control some of the inputs a person has. This is not too hard because he is the god of this world and controls most of the people in it including many Christians who ignore him because they are either believe he does not exist all you cannot harm them because they are Christians.

The only thing he cannot control is your free will which is why he has to distract or deceive you to accept what he desires you to do.

All around you is a world system Satan has planned and promoted which is designed to hide God, Jesus, His Kingdom the Bible's truths as well as what God has done for you through Jesus.

The way not to be deceived by Satan is to know your Bible and how he attacks

Why reject Satan’s attacks

What is the purpose of fighting Satan? There are at least four main purposes:

Avoid going to hell

Advance or defend The Kingdom of God

Bring Glory to God by the Way You fight

Show that God and His Purposes are greater than those of Satan and are worth fighting for.

Every successful defence against the attacks of Satan does these things.

All God asks is for you to wholeheartedly obey Him out of love for him doing what you believe is correct.

You will fail some time, but God knows you will and has already forgiven you at Calvary. Sin only occurs if you deliberately disobey God and this is what is covered at Calvary which needs to be wholeheartedly repented of. If you wholeheartedly do what you believe is right because you do not know it is wrong it is not a sin until you know it is wrong and still do it. Because it is not a sin there is no spiritual punishment for it and it is not dealt with at Calvary.

Sin is deliberate rebellion and not doing something you do not know is wrong.

God expects you to wholeheartedly do what you believe is correct and not what others say you should do unless they are showing you it from the Bible.

What has Satan stopped churches doing?

What should a Christian be doing and what should a church be teaching them to do?

If they believe Jesus is God and Lord of all they should be promoting this viewpoint and demonstrating that it is true by expressing the authority Jesus has delegated to them as well as showing his character in all they do.

They will:

Defend his name and Character

Protect His kingdom and its people from His enemy

Attack the kingdom of his enemy and expand The Kingdom of Jesus by rescuing people             from the enemy kingdom

Do His Will in all they do.

Their love for Jesus, because of what he has done for them, will be their motivation.

If they Love people in the way Jesus loves them then they will do all they can to help these people follow Jesus and avoid their going to hell.

They will teach people what Jesus has done for them so they can appreciate His love for them and they will teach these people how to enter into a correct relationship with Jesus and The Father (salvation) and how to live the life God requires of them (holiness, evangelism and Discipling).

They will  teach them how to oppose the attacks of the enemy and defeat his plans for them and/or others.

The church does not usually teach or do these things, is not resting from doing these things or are not learning how to do these things so how can they say they are a follower of Jesus?

The final words of Jesus to those who would be His followers can be summarized as follows:

"All power (authority) in heaven and in earth has been given to Me.

Go and teach all nations that I have risen,

Baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:

Teaching them to observe all the things I have commanded you

And that you should preach repentance and remission of sins in My name among all nations, beginning at Jerusalem.

He that believes in whom I am and is baptized  shall go to heaven to be with me; but he that believes not shall go to hell.

These signs shall follow them that believe in whom I Am;

 In my name shall they cast out devils;

They shall speak with new languages they do not know;

They shall take up snakes and not be hurt by them;

And if they drink any poison, it shall not hurt them;

They shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover

And remember that I am with you always."

Jesus also said that if we love Him we would do these things, showing His Love quality toward others.

So are you doing these things, teaching them to others, learning how to do them or resting from doing them.

When you face Jesus what will you say to him if you are not doing any of these things?

Apparently a question He asks is “what have you done with the life I have given you?”

Remember, those who teach, such as pastors, ministers, theologians will have the greater condemnation if they are not doing these things.

Satan has had a  great victory by stopping most churches from preaching these things and demonstrating The kingdom of God by teaching and doing these things.

What to do when tempted

Sin occurs because of two reasons:

You like doing the sinful activity, or

Satan has convinced you that you cannot defeat him and overcome the temptation.

You choose to sin as Satan can only suggest you do it. He cannot control you but you give him authority over you according to the degree you accept what He suggests you do

I repeat, for you to sin you have to agree with what Satan is suggesting you do to sin

If Jesus is Lord of the area Satan is attacking this will not happen.  This is why it is important for Jesus to be Lord of all your life so that you will reject what Satan suggests you do so that you will not sin.

How to respond to an attack

You can ignore the attack

The demons are still there attacking you

The attacks keep being repeated

The demons can be cast out in Jesus' Name

They can still return

The area can still be attacked by other demons

More worse demons can attack

Healing and restoration of any damage they did is not done

Better still is to use the five steps dealt with later on to stop demons coming back in.

The five steps gives the area attacked to Jesus, removes their right to use it against you and removes them from it.

Remember that any negative thought, emotion, feeling, imagination or anything that does not give your spirit peace is an attack of Satan.  So what do you do?

Give it to Jesus to be Lord of it.  You do not need to name the actual sin and can say ”what I am feeling”, “What I am thinking”, or "what Satan is suggesting I do or similar.

The tell the demons to go to Jesus in His Name to be dealt with by Him and take all they have done to you

Ask The Holy Spirit to take their place.

For example if you have a wrong thought:

In Jesus Name I command any demon behind the wrong thought I am having to go to the Lord Jesus and to take with him everything it has done or is doing to me and I ask you Holy Spirit to take their place.

Having sinful thoughts is not wrong if you reject them.

They come from Satan so are an attack

You are not an evil person if you have them as they did not originate from you

You only sin if you accept them and do what they suggest you do.

You are only an evil person if you delight to sin and do not want to reject the sinful thoughts

If you sin:

Tell God your sorry

Wholeheartedly try not to do the sin again

Use the five steps to give the area sinned in to Jesus to be Lord of so Satan cannot use it again.

Guilt, shame and condemnation now come from Satan

They were removed at Calvary along with the spiritual punishment of all sin repented of

The Holy Spirit will convict you but not make you feel guilty, ashamed or condemned

Deal with them as they are attack of Satan.

The Five steps

Give the matter, sin, situation, problem, proposed plans or activity to Jesus to be Lord of (along with the causes, results and associated matters)

Repent of any sin, forgive those who have hurt you.  Ask God to help you if you have trouble doing this.

In Jesus Name command Satan to leave

In Jesus Name command healing and restoration on all they did to you

Ask The Holy Spirit to replace the demons that have gone.

Note there is no need to fight Satan, just to declare a command for him to leave.

The basis for the five steps is James 4:7

James 4:7

(BBE)  For this cause be ruled by God; but make war on the Evil One and he will be put to flight before you.

(OANT PsPv) Submit therefore to God and stand against Satan, and he will flee from you.

The principal behind the five steps is James 4:7. If Jesus is Lord of your life you will not do anything Satan desires you to do. If you do not want what Satan wants you will fight him and not accept what he tries to do. There are times and rest from fighting Satan but usually he is attacking in some way and you need to find out how and how to stop it.

The five steps are built on this verse and are as follows:

Step one makes certain God is ruler of the area Satan is attacking.

Step two makes certain there is no sin in your life which hinders God hearing your request unless the prayer it is part of repentance. The two main hindrances, which result in most people going to hell, are unforgiveness and liking a sin so much they do not want to give it up (repent).

Step three, because the area Satan is attacking belongs God it is part of His Kingdom, Satan has no right to access it and so must leave it when Commanded to do so in the Name of Jesus. So We Command, in the Name of Jesus, for Satan to leave the area(s) given to Jesus and to take with  him all he has done to you and he must leave and do this because he no longer has any right to stay there because you have given it to Jesus to be Lord of.

In step 1 you do not need to name a specific sin but only name the area of sin. As an example, you do not need to name every type of pornographic sin you do but to give the whole area of pornography in your life to Jesus .

Step four, In the Name of Jesus we command healing on all Satan did to us and restoration of all he took us, both in accordance with the Will of Jesus for us.

Step five, because our spiritual house has been emptied in part or whole we ask the Holy Spirit to fill it completely so no Demon can come back into it.

I always use this pattern when tempted as it delivers you of any Demons that could be in you.

You can also give current projects, circumstances and plans, anything you are doing Jesus for him to be Lord of it. For example, any ministry or projects you are doing, any outings you are going to, any problems in a marriage, relationship or in the family, in fact any problem you have can be given to Jesus to be Lord of.

By doing this you are making sure Jesus is Lord of any area your life and it only needs to be done once for things such as moral weakness but will need to be done for each new project or activity you are doing.

God's Purposes

Everything we do has two purposes:

to express God's character in some way

to serve his kingdom in some way

We should be doing this in all we do on earth because then we will not be doing something that Satan desires us to do

This is expressed in three desires:

The desire to glorify God in all you do

The desire to serve others in their need (express God's Love)

To help people know God, know about God, to know what God requires of them so that they can be more like him.

In all things an attitude of holiness is required so that you will reject what Satan offers you and pursue what God desires you to do. This is why it is necessary for Jesus to be Lord of all you do