How would Satan attack Christianity

For Centuries Satan hindered Christianity by hiding The Bible from the common people and leaving doctrine in the hand of scholars who promoted their viewpoints on it as well allowing the established church to proclaim doctrine according to what it needed to proclaim even though it might not have been Biblical or correct.  Few non-clergy people knew the bible to be able to correct any errors and if they did the established church removed anyone daring to criticise its doctrinal errors or promote The Bible and the reading of it.

Then the printing press came along and The Bible was accessible to all.  The church was no longer able to stop people reading it and the reformation occurred.  Satan now was losing control of established religion.

Direct frontal attack did not work as it only strengthened the Christians so he needed to attack it from inside Christianity and not externally if he wanted to control the church and guide it again.

So he decided he would need to do the following:

  1. Replace the correct Biblical text with his own version, changing doctrine from what was correct to what he wanted to promote as doctrine.
  2. He needed to find codicices he could use to replace the traditional text with and have them accepted by scholarship and denominations as being more accurate than the traditional text.
  3. He needed to remove the concept of Biblical preservation and inerrancy so he could alter his text to suit his needs and remove the traditional text as being corrupted and not correctly preserved by God.
  4. He needed people to write this new text and scholarship that would declare this new text was based on better codices than the traditional text and should be used in place of it.  These scholars could not accept the traditional text or they would not teach this newer 'better' text.
  5. He needed denominations to accept this new text and use it as their basis of doctrine and faith and to stop using the traditional text.
  6. He then needed people to preach and teach it - preferably ministers and those authorised to teach doctrine in churches.

This he has succeed in as you will see if you read the five books on the subject that follows this document.

The objectives of Satan

From examining the approach of scholars and editors to modern bibles and seeing the alterations they have made the objectives of Satan appear to be as follows:

Make The Bible appear to be like any other holy book written by man so it can bealtered without having to be worried about a God disapproving of the alterations.

Make out the Jesus was conceived normally and not miraculously so He is no different to the founder of any other religion.

Because Jesus could not redeem us or save us, because he was not divine until after death, it appears salvation requires us to do something and not just accept what Jesus is suppose to have done.

Like Jesus, man can become divine through their personal effort just as Jesus became divine because of what He did and suffered.

Change peoples attitudes to demons and hell so that the conflict with God was hidden and he could represent them in a positive way or mythologise them so people would not believe

Satan then has all religions on the same basis so that they can become one in worship as their basic beliefs are all the same.

This is why Jews, Muslims, and real Christians will be exterminated in the tribulation when Antichrist rules so that they will not be there to show the errors of the one world religions.