Or what you think about yourself as a person.

Self esteem comes from how you evaluate what others say about you. There are two sources only for this on which you base your opinion of yourself.

One is from what God says about you.

The other is from what people say about you.

You can trust what God says as He is unbiased and will always tell you the truth about yourself.

However, you cannot really trust what other people say about you as very few will tell you correctly what you are or who you are. This is because most people have a poor opinion of themselves and must make others seem worse than they are so that they feel good about themselves. The more worse the other person thinks they are, in other words the lover their self esteem, the more they must criticise or shame others so they feel more worthwhile in comparison to that person.

The lower their self esteem the more faults they will find with another person. The more they will ask the person to do wrong things that humiliate them.

The closer you are to them the more faults they will find with you, often saying terrible things about you which have no real basis or truth but which is accepted so that you please the person accusing you falsely of inadequacies.

You never get your value from what one person says as that person may be a wreck and have so little self esteem they will lie about you to find faults in you that you do not have so they will have a reason to feel better about themselves and superior to you.

Find what others say about you and always evaluate what a person says about you to see if it is true. If they are the only one saying it then it is probably not true and they are saying it to make you out to be more worse than they are or to control you so they feel more important in the relationship and also prove that you are inferior to them as a person because they can control you.

You must always evaluate what a person says about you and not blindly accept it as the motive for what is said may be wrong and what they say can be a lie. But if their is any truth in what they say about you then you may need to change things in some way.

Remember, if guilt occurs and you cannot change what is happening which they say needs to be changed then what is said to you is a lie because God never places guilt on you. Only the devil does! So you know what is said to you is a lie.

Also if they only criticise you and do not do anything to help you with this supposed problem then you know it is a lie and they do not love you but are only saying the lie to make themselves feel by showing themselves that they are better than you.

Everyone else will tell you they are wrong but the desire to please them may be such that you accept the lie and ignore the truth.

If you can never please the person who is constantly criticising tyo no matter how hard you try then you know what that person is saying is for the purposes of their own self esteem and cannot be true or they would be criticising you less as you made the necessary changes to remove the fault they are finding in you.

So never accept what one person says about you unless others say the same thing and God says the same thing about you as it will be lie from a demon trying to destroy you as a person.

How do you deal with this?

Find out what God actually says about you and. In Jesus’ Name you cast the demons away to Jesus to be dealt with, asking The Holy Spirits to replace the demons that have left and command any healing and restoration of what they did to you in the Nake of Jesus.

So remember!

If a person criticises you and you can never satisfy them in their criticising you, and/or they ask you to do things that will humiliate you and shame you then you know they really do not love you but are using you for their own purposes of self-esteem and self worth through accusing you of being inadequate as a person so that you will believe it and causing you to do things that shame you so that you will never feel clean or good enough to be any better than what you are!

Leave them before they destroy you as a person!

If they loved you they would build you up as a person and help you improve and not continually tell you how bad you are without doing anything to help you get better!

Remember to see what others say about you just in case there is something you need to change.

So never blindly accept what someone says about you as it may be said so they will make you appear to be more worse than they are so they can feel better about themselves.


Neville Salvetti