An easy deliverance method

Deliverance in the way Jesus desires it done is different to the way it is usually done by Christians. You do not need to confront demons or fight them, know any thing about the person you are helping or what they are giving to Jesus. It is between them and He so can be given to Him in their hearts. So steps one and two are done by the person silently in their heart.

The method is based on James 4:7 which yses a principle of The Kingdom of God that whatever Jesus is Lord of Satan cannot use and must leave when told to do so.

James 4:7 says:

Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

Submit, in this verse, means to make Jesus Lord of your situation so that He is the ruler of it and Satan no longer has a right to attack it and has to leave when commanded to do so. Part of the resisting is the casting him out of the situation.

The requirement is that you have no sin in your life that you do not want to give up and that you are willing to give up any sin God shows you that you have. The common sins hindering forgiveness are unforgiveness, not willing to reconcile to another or sins you love to do that do not want to give up.

The Kingdom of God also has healing. Emotional healing and sometimes physical healing occurs in deliverance.

The last thing to do is to ask The Holy Spirit to fill you so the demons cannot come back in. This was also told by Jesus to someone who was taken to heaven.

So to list the points:

1. Give to Jesus the temptation, area of weakness, problem or matter you want Him to protect or free you from as well as everything associated with the area you are giving to Him.

2. repent of any thing you need too such as unforgiveness, not wanting to reconcile to another, and any sin He shows you to repent of or any sin you do not want to give up.

3. Command Satan to leave what you gave to Jesus and go to Him to be dealt with by Him.

4. In Jesus’ Name command healing and restoration of all Satan did to you

5. Ask The Holy Spirits to fill you completely

Do not forget to thank Jesus, The Father and The holy Spirit.

A more complete deliverance prayer follows later on in this web page (