Divided the church is conquered

I was lying in bed and Jesus said to me
"Let Me show you how Satan has crippled the church and hindered My commands to it.
Satan knew He could not defeat My church if it was united so he worked at ways to divide it. This is why we have denominations and all the theological differences and squabbles between them over the centuries.
But that was not enough! He had to divide each church as well. So how did he do this?
There are Apostles, prophets, evangelists, teacher and pastors in My Body.
The first thing he did was to make them 'specialist' activities the normal congregation member was not qualified by the denomination to do.
He made man believe they could choose these people and not need to ask Me who to put in these roles.
I choose Apostles and prophets and not man which is why there are so many false prophets in the crunch as they have been placed there by the choice of men and not by Me.
Apostles are to found a church establish it and move on. When they stay in a church permanently they are pastors and not apostles. As they are not doing the work of an apostle.
Evangelists, ministers/pastors and teachers are trained by the denomination to preach the denominational outlook and not mine. You must be qualified to be officially recognised by the church or denomination usually.

This does two things:

It sets up a two class structure similar to that of the Nicolaitans
It stop the normal congregation member from doing the command of Jesus to go into all the world and make disciples, training them to become mature Christians.

Each denomination also seeks to promote itself and not My Kingdom and does not even consider The Kingdom in their activities. They do not seek unity of My Body but may give token efforts at this.
Until My Body is united and the people in it are taught to do the work I gave them then it will become corrupted and die, becoming a shadow of what it could be (which is what many churches are now)

Jesus (Neville Salvetti 15 August 2019)