Who is head of your church?

Jesus said to me:
"Ask most people who is in charge of their church and they will say pastor xxx or minister yyy.
I thought I was in charge!

Their focus is on pleasing the pastor or minister and doing what their denomination says when they should be obeying Me, checking what ever the pastor/minister says or preached to see if it belongs to My Kingdom!
So few Christians talk to me on a regular basis in their daily life or listen to what I desire to say to them but focus on every word a pastor or minister says that I am surprised they do anything that is of My Kingdom.

>When Christians focus on me as their head and check with The Holy Spirit what is said or asked to be done to see if it is My Will, then shall they represent me on this earth.
Most now represent a denomination and not Me which is why so few Christians will go up in the rapture.
They belong to a man organised church and not The Kingdom of God