Churches and their size

Perhaps churches are too big to express the character and atmosphere of early churches and instead have an organisation structure similar to that of the Nicolaitans (to keep the congregation doing what the denomination desired) and not that which the early church had.
In the early church there were elders but no pastors or priests. Instead the host of the meeting held in his house would keep order while spirit filled men ran the meeting in accordance with the directions of The Holy Spirit.

People were able to share what God was doing in their life, help others and encourage each other without having to have the blessings of a minister or priest.

There were no qualification required except Spiritual Maturity. Now if you want to share in church, which is seldom done, you need he permission of the minister or priest or be qualified to share what you are going too.

The Holy Spirit no longer leads meeting but denominational guidelines and plans rule a church and heaven help a minister who breaks these in a big way.

They worship on a Sunday chosen by an emperor not to upset the pagans so that Christians no longer worshipped on the Sabbath but on pagan feast days.

The Mosaic Law was not negated by Jesus.

The dietary laws were removed by Him - see the dream of Peter in Acts.

The sacrificial/religious law was fulfilled by Calvary so was no longer necessary

The Moral Law was not negated so still applies.

The Feast days were not negated so still apply

Tithing was not done away with so still applies

The Sabbath as the day of Worship was not done away with so still applies.

So the church observes man made feast days ignoring those of God. They do not tithe or worship on the day still appointed by God to use. The do not worship on the day God said too but on the day pagans worshipped and celebrate man made feasts


The modify the moral law (homosexuality and similar in the church now)

In place of religious and sacrificial laws they have denominational or church regulations so that there is a from of legalism in the church to maintain 'order'.

No longer do they met around a table and socialise, see each others needs and encourage each other. That is the denominational representatives work now.

And they say that they are doing what Jesus taught.

The church has wandered to far away from its simple beginnings and now is an empire ruled by people and no longer represent the Kingdom of God but the kingdom men have made for themselves through the denomination.