Jesus said to me:

"There is only two legal references you need to resolve disputes for the purposes of My Kingdom:

The Bible
The laws of the land that do not contravene My Bible.

The laws of the denomination or the proclamations of man are irrelevant to My Kingdom as they are not a part of it but may reflect My Laws.
I am Lord of all so that it is My Will you need to do and not that of mankind.
So when you have a disagreement (a form of dispute) or a heated argument over something or similar type of interaction, remember It is My Will that needs to be done and not your will.
This means you need to ask The Holy Spirit what I desire you to do with the problem and not sit there and let Satan help you argue it or reason it out.
Doing your will instead of Mine makes you your ruler and takes the rulership away from Me!
So when you have a problem, do not argue your side of it but ask The Holy Spirit what I desire done with situation and remember I do not have to do something the same way twice so what was done in the past is no guarantee I will do it that way that way again."