to hell

Sin is deliberately not doing something God desires you to do and it sends you to hell if you do not repent of it. Can you go to hell without deliberately disobeying God? People who do not seek out God's Will for them are ignoring what God advises them to do.

We are advised to seek the Kingdom of God and His purposes but not commanded to do so. We have a choice in the matter.

Satan knows this so has placed around Christians a world system that distracts or diverts them from doing this. He controls the media, education, Sports and other mass entertainment activities so that Christians enjoy watching them and become too comfortable to seek God's Will for their life.

By these distractions he diverts them from developing the relationship they have with God and from studying about Him and spending time with Him in prayer or just conversing with Him.

Through this Satan turns them into lukewarm Christians who do not serve God as they should because they are too busy chasing things like sports, TV and movie stars, watching DVD and movies, Reading up on the latest news and not reading The Bible. In other words ignoring what God says is necessary for salvation - a relationship with Him doing His Will and learning about Him.

Through sidetracking and/or diverting Christians Satan may eventually tempt them to sin and they do not repent of it and end up in hell. Satan tries to make you have idols through his world system such as sport or movie stars, activities like racing and cricket, clubs and society activities and similar, doing things in excess so that you are a bad steward of them and are diverted from His work by having to look after things you should not have. Anything to make you enjoy yourself so you do not make the effort to do the things of God because they are not as enjoyable as what you are doing.

Look at your life:

Are you developing the relationship you have with God Do you constantly interact with Him in your daily life, thanking Him for what He is doing for you or asking His advice and help in your situation?

Are you studying His Bible and learning about Him. Remember one of the purposes of The Bible is to increase our faith. What do you use your time for as that will show if God is more important to you than the things of Satan's world system that you are doing.

Remember you have no one else to blame but yourself if you do not make it to heaven as no one can make you do anything you really do want to do.