God's Attributes

Satan has guided theology for nearly 2000 years. As example is the listed attributes of God. They tell you He is all powerful, all knowing and everywhere. But they do not tell of His Character! Satan hid this because He did not want us to know what it was.

God is:

All Knowing
All Powerful
AND Perfect Love!!!

Even hell is a sign of His love as He granted Satan a place to go to when he could not longer enter heaven and there was no place else to go. God did not make hell what it is. Satan did!

God only creates good things and hell as it is, is not a good thing. So everything created is a result of God's perfect Love and creation that is not perfect is a result of Satan's hatred of God and his things of which the earth and the people on it are one.

Because God's Love is perfect and Infinite everything exists in it and is maintained by it according to the principles He has made for creation which is why evil exists for a time and a new creation (of the heavens and the earth He has quarantined from the rest of creation) is needed to remove evil and its effects.

This means that all around you is God's Love working for your best and waiting to help you anyway He can to obey Him and serve Him as well as prepare you to be in heaven with Him.

But you must accept it and His help!

This means you need to know and understand what God's quality of Love is and how to apply it if you wish to have the character of God. Neville Salvetti 21 August 2019