Can you see God's Love in your life?

"Do not ever doubt My Love. Ever!" I heard Jesus say audibly to me in 1992 when I was walking home from work. This began 27 years of suffering with a wife that became demonised and rejected me. God said not to divorce, after all He had called us together so to divorce was disobedience.
I could not see God's Love in the situation for years, But now I look back and see correctly dealing with the situation made me the Christian I am.
So do you see God's Love in your trials?
You will not usually until the trial is advanced or over. Never doubt God's Love!
It is perfect and does only what is best for you. We cannot see this at the time but one day The Holy Spirit will show us.
I can truly say that it will be worth it in the end.
God is Love and they that dwell in God dwell in His Love.
It is always there. It is just we cannot see or comprehend it at times."