Heavenly Attitudes

In heaven you need to have certain attitudes. Earth is God's training ground for eternal life in heaven so you need to learn and practice these here.

So what sort of attitudes do you need to develop?

God's quality of Love is paramount as all the other attitudes flow from that. So we need to understand what it means to love another in the way God Loves them.
We need to learn to express The Fruit of The Spirit as that is how His love is expressed to others.
We need to learn to serve out of love for a person and not duty seeking only their best
We need to do all in humility so we are like Jesus who gave up all to be made subservient to man's requirements and died on earth to serve all on it.

Naturally Lordship and hearing The Holy Spirit are mandatory so that these need to be learnt and developed on earth as well. You want to get to heaven then learn and develop these things and you will be prepared by God to live there.
Remember also that your objectives and purposes determine what you do so you need to make certain they will prepare you for eternity, even if only building greater self and control such as exercising better to be a good steward of your body.
In other words apply God's principles to the things you ordinarily do in life so that they are done in a way to prepare you for heaven and eternity.