Go into all the world

Jesus says:

"I have shown you how The Holy Spirit came to draw people to My Kingdom and how I came to redeem them so they could enter it in heaven and relate personally with The Father and Me. I also came to teach people how God required them to live and love if they desired to enter heaven.
These were the main purposes of God in sending Me and The Holy Spirit.
So I ask you: What are the purposes of your church?
Are you still separating from other churches and by this dividing My Body and My Kingdom so that you are not a unified Body doing my purposes but each having their own agenda and by this Satan stopping you from really doing the work of My Kingdom.
My Kingdom is not divided but denominations are which shows they cannot be of My Kingdom or there would be unity of The Holy Spirit in all they did and they would work together and not each having their own agenda, but would be part of a unified Body with common purposes.
Are you:

Rescuing people from Hell Training them to live as I require them too

This is what I require from My Body, that they go to the Lost and tell them why they need Me and the benefits of following Me as well as to demonstrate the Authority of The Kingdom over Satan and his works so that they know My Kingdom is real and I am Lord of all! These are My Purposes and should be the purpose of all Christian churches in your area.
Remember that each member of your church should be able to explain the Gospel in simple terms anyone can understand not using traditional church speak which has no meaning to most outside the church. (See - 'Why you need Jesus' for a simple explanation of The Gospel).
Jesus said to go into all the world which means to tell everyone in the area God gives you to do this in of their need of Jesus and what He has done for them, is doing for them and will do for them.

You need too:

Set up a committee to organise the churches to do this and see what assets they can supply to help in this.
Train people to do this work and have mature people ready to disciple new converts
Set up groups to do spiritual warfare to protect those going out and stop Satan interfering in any way with the presentation and understanding of The Gospel. The church should already have one in place t o protect its people.
Have prophets to wait on God to tell people what God is saying or doing.

It does not matter which church converts join. You are presenting The Kingdom of God and not a denomination! Jesus will not judge you on how many people you added to your church but on how you went about being involved in the declaration of His Kingdom and what He offered people. I look at out heart attitudes -the way we thought about things - and not our results. Jesus