Love response

Jesus asks:

"What is Christianity?

It is a love response to The Father, Myself and The Holy Spirit because of what our Love has done for you.
Anything else and it has legalism in it - a fear of obey or be judged.
The Christian knows they are an adopted child of The Father and when chastened by Him it is not legalistically done but is done out of Love for the child and not because the child has broken the house rules.
If it is not a love response in all you do then examine your
Christianity as it may be based on fear of hell which is not what we desire. It also means you really do not comprehend what happened when you became a child of God and need to find that out.
This love relationship with us will naturally express itself in your life as you serve us and others.
So examine why you obey us and if it is not out of Love for us then you are obeying for the wrong reasons.