The manifestation of The Kingdom

What is the evidence in the natural realm that a supernatural realm exists?
When its effects is seen in the natural realm.
What is the evidence in the natural realm that Jesus and The kingdom of God exists?
When it is manifested in the natural realm.
It manifest through the use of the delegated Authority Jesus gave us by showing its control over the natural realm.
Satan has played a masterstroke in this area.
He has convinced churches not to use the delegated authority of Jesus and had it written out of modern bibles by implying it was not in the original codex of The Gospel of Mark.
So Jesus and His Kingdom is no longer demonstrated by most western churches which means they need to use man's methods and reason to demonstrate Jesus and His Kingdom.
Because they do not manifest the supernatural there is no difference between them and other religions or cults.
Satan as least has his workers do miracles which is why witchcraft and Satanism is expanding. The supernatural he performs attracts people to him because the churches do not show this spernatural in their religious system.
So do you demonstrate The kingdom of God or are you like most churchgoers and do not believe you no longer have the delegation to do this.