Jesus said to me:

"Whenever you are meeting for the purposes of th e church you are meeting for t he purposes of The Kingdom and not the denomination or man and so the meeting should be approached that way.

So you should pray:

Lord we meet here for the purposes of Your Kingdom so we give to you to be Lord of all that hap pens and is decided here for you to protect for u as we carry out the decisions made here.
We Thank you Fat her you provide all we need to do the work of The Kingdom and thank you Holy Spirit for guiding us in it and giving us the understanding we need to o it.
So Holy Spirit we give the leadership of this meeting and command any demons trying to do anything at anything to disrupt this meting in Jesus' Name to go to Him to be dealt with and we ask you Holy Spirit to take their place.
Thank You

At the end of the meeting your closing prayer should be something like:
Thank You Jesus for this time here to know and understand your plans.
Thank You father for giving us what we need to carry them out
And Thank You Holy Spirit to do all for us that we need to do them. We give all that was decided and done her to You Jesus to be Lord of for the purposes of your Kingdom

(Neville Salvetti 12 August 2019)