Terrorism how to deal with it

A terrorist attack occurs and there is wailing and grief because Christians are killed.

Why the wailing and grieving?

The terrorists have done the dead Christians a favour. They have sent them to their eternal reward and all the joys they have in heaven. Thank the terrorists at the funerals of these Christians.
Show death is different for a Christian. Rejoice in their going ot heaven and do not act as if it is a tragedy.
You will have some very confused terrorists who are killing Christians thinking they are doing harm to them and placing fear in them.
Show the terrorists you do not fear death and embrace it and that in a way they do you a favour.
The way Christians died is one of the things that impressed many pagans in the Roman empire
Also, give it all to The Lord to be under His control and protection the it will serve the purposes of The Kingdom because you will show by your attitudes it is real and worth dying for. This is something the terrorist do not have and maybe you may win them for Jesus by this show of Joy and trust in God for what happens after death to a Christian. Of course support and compassion is to be shown to those still alive as they are still on earth, But remember in the light of eternity it will be only a short time before they will be reunited.