The Trinity

This is a problem for modern bibles so they have had to remove it from their pages which is why they remove 1 jn 5:7 which shows Jesus is God. This is because they believe He was born from sex between a man and a woman like others of the time who were declared to be god after their death.
Modern theologians look at history and science and not faith which is why they believe this about Jesus.
Because they believe He was not divine before He died they believe He was not able to redeem us so change Col 1:14 in some modern bibles from

(Geneva) In whome we haue redemption through his blood, that is, the forgiuenesse of sinnes,

to this:

(FCAB) He in whom we have salvation and the forgiveness of sins;

which is why many people believe Salvation occurred at Calvary and not redemption.

This is also why the divinity of Jesus is removed in their bibles from many of the titles He is given in the New Testament. So you really cannot go to modern bibles for theology because the Trinity can be proven which means the whole basis of their theology about Jesus is incorrect and it is dangerous to use them as a basis for doctrinal discussion because they have the basis so incorrect.
The basis of The Bible is Redemption and God's attempt to reconcile man to Himself and Jesus is the key to this.

Proofs of The Trinity.

At the baptism of Jesus The Father spoke from heaven and The Spirit hovered over Jesus and Jesus was declared by The Father to be His son and not the son of a normal man.
Jesus always spoke about The Father and The Holy Spirit as separate persons to Himself.
To remove the divineness of Jesus they have to change prophecy in IS 7:14

(KJV) Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel

Is changed to this in some modern bibles.

(BBE) For this cause the Lord himself will give you a sign; a young woman is now with child, and she will give birth to a son, and she will give him the name Immanuel.

This is done completely contrary to the Hebrew words used by changing the recognised meaning of the word for 'virgin' to 'young woman', which is another Hebrew word. But even this will not convince some people. They believe that Jesus was born of physical sex between God and a woman like pothers of His time who wee made gods after their death.
This is the rational behind making Mary a goddess. If Jesus can become one so can others..
They start from the historical assumption of Jesus being born like others who became god after their death and change the Biblical interpretation of Jesus to match this in spite of the evidence.
It is all a matter of faith so historically we cannot prove Jesus was God before He was born. You either believe The Bible that He was or make a new one with inaccuracies about Jesus, which is what modern scholars have done.
The problem is that the Trinity is logical and if it does not exist it makes The Bible a liar unless you change it to match your theology like modern theologians guided by Satan have done.

The Trinity is Logical!

There had to be three persons in God:

One God alone could not satisfy these requirements as He would not be human to be a perfect sacrifice while still maintaining everything as God.
If He claimed He was three persons He could have been considered to have an identity crisis.
I can verify the Trinity from personal experience, having been in a room with all three in heaven so I know from personal experience there is a Trinity.
I have also seen The Holy Spirit and Jesus together after Jesus died while the Father maintained everything.
It is a faith thing in The Bible and if you believe modern theologians you will not have the faith to believe in The Trinity because they
do not this faith and have altered the Bible to reflect this. The problem is that if The Bible is wrong about one thing you cannot trust it for anything else which is why modern bibles should not be trusted as they are wrong about The Trinity and who Jesus is.