A Spiritual Warfare Primer

What is spiritual warfare?

Spiritual warfare is the fighting of the plans of Satan and removing his control over things. It is fought in the supernatural realm but may have its effect in the natural realm.
It has different expressions:

What are the qualifications of a spiritual warfare fighter:

Jesus stated no other requirements so any person of any age or sex who meets the three requirements can do spiritual warfare.
The delegation to cast out demons is not been given to us according to the modern bible that implies this is not in the original codices which is why you must us the King James Bible that still has this in.
Young children can defeat Satan when attacked if taught how to do so as long as they know what they are doing.

Who is required to attack Satan?

Every Christian is to learn how to fight Satan and defeat him and his plans as well as rescue people from his kingdom (evangelism) (Mark16:17-18, Matt 28:18-20). They must know how Satan attacks:
This is so that they can realise when there is an attack of Satan.

How does Satan attack?
Satan can only have you do something if you let him persuade you to do it. Satan looks for weaknesses in you so when attacked you know you have a weakness in the area of attack and may need deliverance in that area.
You must accept what Satan offers you before you will do what he desires you to do and thus sin.
Satan attacks you by:

He also tries to have you:

Without checking the details and facts or what The Bible says about it.
This is so he can guide you in a situation through using wrong attitudes and habits he has moulded in you. Any of the above occurring shows a need for deliverance.
He tries to:

He has to persuade you to reject the Lordship of Jesus in an area so he can obtain authority over it. This is the only way he can obtain any authority over you.
Satan will try to tell you things are different to what they really are.

He will often suggest the opposite of what you are in the hope you believe him so he can then mould your thinking, attitudes and habits in the way he desires you too.

He places negative emotions on you like anger, lust and sensual pleasure to try and get you to sin or to distract you from the self-control God desires you to have so that you will sin because you desire the pleasures he suggests you more than what God desires you to do.
He can place moods on you like fear, anxiety and depression so that you do not have the joy of God and wonder what is wrong with you that you have these things for no apparent reason.
He tries to get you to believe God does not Love you so that you will despair of anything good ever happening to you and give up hope of God helping you. This is why you must believe God is Love and works only for your good in all circumstances (Rom 8:28) even though we may not see the good in the situation at that moment.

Remember, Satan does things sneakily and will try to raise doubt about things in you especially your Love of God and His Things to have you start to question them. If he can get you to accept his thoughts then he can then either use you or hinder your walk with Jesus.
He has to have you think a certain way so he can use it for his purposes and uses all he can to make you think this way.
This is why when you have anything negative in your mind or body you are to cast it out in Jesus' Name to The Throne of Judgement as Satan is behind it because God only gives us that which helps us live correctly. Otherwise Satan may obtain a foothold in you on which to build a stronghold in you he can use against you and God.
Remember that all strongholds are mental and need new ways of thinking to remove them which is where the truth of a situation will set you free from a mental stronghold of Satan. If you do not accept Satan's thoughts, he cannot succeed in causing you to sin.
So the best defence is to command the thoughts, feelings, sensations etc, to go to Jesus in Jesus' Name to The Throne of Judgement and ask The Holy Spirit to take their place.

The Five Steps help in this as they ensure there is nothing in you that Satan is trying to use as well as send him to Jesus to be dealt with.

The five steps in summary

I have more information on these and deliverance on my web site nevillesalvetti.com
You must know how to fight Satan's attacks
Satan will try to destroy you or make you unable to be used by Jesus. So you need to know how to fight him.
Defeating attacks of Satan
The first way to deal with an attack of Satan is to just resist it. You will not sin if you reject all Satan asks you to do. He has to have you accept in your heart what he is suggesting you to do before you will sin.
Ignoring or Resisting the Attack
When Satan attacks you, you can ignore him and you will not sin. But the battle will not end as the demon will not go away but keeps attacking you.
This is why it is better to remove the attacking demon rather than just ignoring or rejecting what they say. This is because when the demons are removed the attack ceases until another demon comes to tempt you. And as the area of attack has been given to Jesus to be Lord of the new demon will have a much harder time attacking you in that area.
This is why it is preferable to use the five steps to remove the attacking demon and not just to resist or ignore the demon.
The Five steps are used when Satan is attacking you personally or things you are steward of (your God-given area of authority) too:

Remember that the five steps are used to remove him and do any deliverance necessary in areas you are steward of while the Name of Jesus is used for spiritual warfare for others and healing the damage Satan caused.
Remember also that Satan cannot make you do anything you do not agree to do.
He has to deceive you into agreeing with what he wants you to do.
So the first line of defence is to reject what he offers.
Then to use the five steps in case it is an area you need deliverance in.

If it is in respect of an area you are not steward of then name the area or thing you are attacking use steps 3-5 of the five steps.
Most demons have names that are foreign to us so it would be nearly impossible to cast them out by their names. As long as we can identify them by their area of activity toward you then you can cast them in Jesus' Name to The Throne of Judgement to be judged.
If you are attacked in an area often or have a weakness you are having trouble overcoming then you probably do have a need for deliverance in that area.
Remember that any emotion, sensation, though, attitude or feeling that is negative is not from God but is a suggestion from a demon playing on attitudes, hurts or weaknesses in you.
God never tempts you but has to allow Satan too if Satan has a right to attack you but even then God limits the attack (1Cor 13:10) and if correctly dealt with God uses it to mature your more as a Christian.
Whenever I get any wrong thought, image, sensation, feeling or emotion, anything against The Kingdom of God, I command the demons behind it, in Jesus' Name, to leave and go to The Throne of Judgement to be judged, and ask The Holy Spirit to replace them. I preferably use the five steps to do so in case I need any deliverance.

Things you are not steward of
To remove Satan from others or objects Name what you are removing or attacking then use steps 3-5 of the five steps.
Sometimes you can only bind demons until the person is willing to do what is necessary to be free.
You can bind demons and hinder their plans anywhere in the world and newspapers are a good source to see what to do to hinder the work of Satan.
In the case of non-Christians you should not cast their demons out but bind their activity towards the non-Christian.

In summary regarding areas you are steward of:

The key is to take the thought, emotion, feeling or sensation captive to Jesus (2 Cor 10:5). In other words the demon placing the thought in your mind, sensation, feeling or emotion on you is cast out in Jesus' Name, to The Throne of Judgement to be dealt with.
Just resisting the thought does little to remove the temptation as the demon is always there waiting to attack you in that area. It is capturing the source of it (the demon) and evicting it that removes the temptation.

We are at war
You are either fighting this war or are a victim of it. There is no in between. You are either on one side or on the other, even only by not doing anything to hinder Satan. Every Christian is involved in this was by virtue of just being a Christian so needs to know how to defend themselves and attack Satin in this war.
Components of Sin
Sin has two components :
A lack of Love to someone (God or a person)
Bad stewardship of something or someone.
So if you are sensing either of these two things be careful as you may be on the verge of sinning.
Remember as it is a war you are expected to fight it and not pray to Jesus to do it for you. He gave you the delegation over Satan to use so why would He do something for you He has asked you to do it.

As it is a war the victory is only obtained when you endure until it is over. In otherwords fight or go under.