Spiritual warfare and children

Spiritual warfare for their children is a requirement of any parent.  Children are always tempted by Satan to do wrong so need protection from Satan as well as an understanding of the battle between Jesus and Satan.  They are also very impressionable and do not realise what they think or feel is from a demon and not from their own mind.

Children need to know how Satan places thoughts and feelings on them so that they realise they are not bad but just being tempted to do bad.

AT a very early age children know right from wrong and any time they resist doing wrong they are in spiritual warfare. They usually do not know their delegated authority so they do not use this weapon against the attacking demons. This is where parents are required to fight for their children and give them understanding of the spiritual battle that is happening for the mind of the child as well as how to deal with attacks on their mind.

The parents can attack these demons on behalf of the children and cast them off them or out of them.  This is especially so when the child is under the ‘age of reason’ and does not know right from wrong. Parents are stewards of children and are to fight for them spiritually.  Because they are stewards of the children they can use the five steps in fighting for them.

Demons have no right to be on earth as they are prisoners who have escaped from their prison of hell so can be sent to Jesus for escaping from that prison and they have to leave the person and go to Jesus when commanded to do so, regardless of other supposed rights they have.  They have no rights as they are escaped prisoners and the only access they can obtain is the access a person gives them by listening to them. This still does not give them a right to be there.

So demons attacking children or anyone can be sent to Jesus for escaping from hell.  Make sure you ask The Holy Spirit to replace any demons that have gone so they cannot come back into what they left.  And remember, not to cast demons out of non-Christian children but to bind the demons and forbid them from doing anything because these children do not have The Holy Spirit in their spirit stopping demons taking it over.

A person has to accept what a demon suggests for the demon to have any control over the person so children need to be told they should not listen to the wrong thoughts or feelings they are having but to ask Jesus to help them with them.  These wrong thoughts, feelings or emotions do not come from them but from demons trying to make them believe they are thinking these thoughts or having these feelings and emotions..

So what do you tell children?

There are two kings trying to have them do things:

Jesus is the good King who helps them do good things. He only wants what is best for children. He has a good friend you can trust called The Holy Spirit.

Satan is the other king. He is bad and naughty and wants you to do bad, naughty things and wants to hurt you and others.  He has workers called demons.  He wants you to do naughty things so you will be with him in an evil place of hell where there is nothing but bad things done to you.  He tries to stop you following Jesus who has a beautiful place for you where everything is fun.

Jesus will help you do what is good. Satan will try and make you do what is bad and wrong so you will be hurt or be punished.  You may not get hurt or punished when you actually do the bad thing but one day you will.

He has demons working for him which you cannot see but who try to get you to do naughty things.  Jesus has angels working for Him who help you do good things.  You decide whether you want to be naughty or good and will either be punished for being naughty or rewarded for doing good.

It is better that  the demon gets punished than you get punished for listening to the demon.

It is up to you whether you do what is good and right (which Jesus, the good King wants you to do) or that which is bad and wrong (which Satan, the bad king wants you to do).

If you want to do what is right then whenever you think or feel like doing something that is wrong or naughty, tell the naughty thing to go in Jesus’ Name to be punished by Jesus.  Then ask His friend The Holy Spirit to take the place of the naughty thing.

Whenever you feel to do something naughty or wrong do these two things: In Jesus’ Name command the demons attacking you to go to Jesus to be punished for trying to make you  do bad things, then ask The Holy Spirit to take their place

Jesus is more powerful than demons so they must leave you when you command them too in Jesus’ Name.

At times you will think naughty or wrong things and wonder if you are a bad person. It is not you thinking these things. It is the naughty king Satan placing these thoughts in your mind so that you will think they are from you and do them.

You are only naughty if you know these thoughts are naughty, listen to Satan and do them.  If you do not know they are naughty then you do not do wrong. But the good king Jesus knows if you are naughty or do things because you do not realize they are naughty so does not punish you when you do these thing without realising they are naughty..

This is why need to listen to your parents so you will know what is naughty and what is not.  The Holy Spirit will also let you know what is naughty or good and will make you feel unhappy or fearful if what you are about to do is wrong but you will feel good it is right to do them.

If you do a wrong or naughty thing, then tell Jesus you are sorry. Tell the demons you listened too, to go in Jesus’ Name to be punished by Him.  Jesus knows you will do wrong things at times but all He asks you to do when you do them is to:

Tell Jesus the naught thing you did (you do not have to say it out loud so people can hear it as long as you do it in your heart because that is what Jesus really listens too).

Tell Him you are sorry for doing the naughty thing

Forgive anyone who hurt you or upset you. In other words do not be angry at them and do not want to try to or want to hurt them

Tell the demons to go from you in Jesus’ Name to be punished by Jesus

In Jesus’ Name ask Jesus to heal you of anything naughty Satan did to you and to replace anything Satan took from you

Ask The Holy Spirit (the friend of Jesus) to take the place of the naughty demons that have left

And to keep trying to do what is good and right.

Every time you do wrong remember Jesus understands and as long as you really try to do the right thing He is happy.

The Holy Spirit is not just a good friend. He will help you when you do not know what to do. So if you have a problem you can ask Him what to do. He will tell you in your mind.  You will have peace when He talks to you in your mind and will feel right about doing what He says to do. But when Satan talks to you in your mind you will not have peace and will be feeling wrong about doing what he suggests.

Parents should reinforce to the child that the child has a choice to either do what is good and follow Jesus as their King, or to do what is wrong and be punished. But if they do wrong they can always come back to Jesus after they stop doing the naughty thing Satan suggested they do because Jesus is always waiting for them to come back to Him.

It is also good to point out that those who do what Jesus wants them to do will go to heaven and those who deliberately do what Satan wants them to do will go to hell and be punished forever.

The role of teenagers in the battle for young children and infants.

If you love your brother or sister you will be an example to them and teach them how to hear The Holy Spirit and fight Satan. If they have a problem you will help them deal with it using the pattern above. You will also warn them when Satan is attacking them and help them think their way through the attack and remove Satan. You will also warfare for them to stop Satan attacking them or their activities:

In the Name Jesus command the attacking demons to leave

In the Name Jesus command any healing or restoration they need

Ask The Holy Spirit to replace the demons that have left.

You will not judge or condemn your brothers or sisters.  After all, you did the same or similar things when you were younger. Remember, God alone is their judge and not you. All you can tell them is that God says it is a naughty thing to do and help them not to do it.

Besides if you love them and care for them you will always treat them with love and respect and not try to be superior to them.  If you do not relate to them this way then you need deliverance.

Remember, that you will face God and also give and an account of how you related to your brother or sister.

Satan will always makes it easier to fight them than to love them as he tries to separate you from your brother or sister.  At times, the hardest thing to do will be to love them, but God will help you in this and remember, the situation can be given to Jesus to be Lord. This is done so that Jesus becomes Lord of it and Satan can no longer interfere with the situation.

Satan will not usually use important things to cause problems. He will use small things like ‘the last thing on the table you like that your brother or sister takes’ or ‘the television show you want to watch but they outvote you and watch theirs’. Things that in themselves are not morally right or wrong.  Satan will use these to cause fights or arguments that break God’s Law of love.  So when you argue or fight make sure it is over the things of God not being done and not for selfish purposes.

Even then you should never fight, but calmly help them to see the error of their way and deal with the attack of the devil on you both.

You should never, assume things, react to things, argue about things or use reason but ask The Holy Spirit what to do.  Satan uses these things if they are not given to Jesus to be Lord of and The Holy Spirit’s guidance is not used to deal with the problem or situation.

Love forgives and forgets and so should you if you desire to be like Jesus.

Attacking demons

Substitute the Name or the name of a person you are commanding over for ‘name-of-the-child.

Command as follows:

In Jesus’ Name I forbid any demon in, on or around (name the person child) from now or at any time in the future from:

Using (name the child) in any way

From using other demons against the child either in people or outside of people

From influencing the mind of (name the child) in any way

From hiding the truths from the child that they need to know about Jesus, blocking their understanding of these truths as well as from hiding how to become a follower of Jesus

In Jesus’ Name I command every demon to leave the child,  whether in on or around them and to take all they did to the person with them and to go to Jesus to be dealt with.

In Jesus’ Name I command healing and restoration on the child and ask you Holy Spirit to fill them completely

Thank you Father, Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit

Demons in Non Christians

If the child is a non-Christian then you attack demons in non-Christians in a similar way you attack them in Christians except you do not cast them out of the non-Christian but bind them and forbid them to use the person or anyone else in any way as well as forbidding hem to leave the person.  So it basically is:

Forbid them to use the child or person in any way

Forbid them using other demons or people against the child or person

Forbid them from influencing the mind of the child or person in any way

Forbid them hiding the truths of Jesus or blocking them hearing or understanding their need of Jesus and how to become a follower of Him

So Command as follows:

In Jesus’ Name I forbid any demon in, on or around (name the person here) from:

Using (name the person) in any way

From using other demons against (name the person) either other in people or outside of people

From influencing the mind of (name the person) in any way

From hiding the truths they need to know about Jesus, blocking their understanding of these truths as well as from hiding how to become a follower of Jesus

I forbid any demon in (name the person) from leaving him or doing anything of the above to anyone else

In  Jesus’ Name I forbid and demons that (name the person) enter from now on from doing any of the above.

If the person is  Christians you can also command the demons to leave them in Jesus Name for escaping from hell and command them to go to Jesus to be dealt with for this.

Closing Comments

Parents are stewards of their children while teenagers are stewards of the relationship they have with their brothers and sisters and will be judged on how they carried out this stewardship.  Also dependant n how they carried out their stewardship may be the salvation of the children they are stewards of.  So you can see how important the role of a parent is.

According to how you carry it out you may condemn yourself and/or the child to hell.