Christ versus Satan

Satan knew Jesus was going to be born.  After all, in some areas he knows The Bible better than we do and so was waiting for Him to be born.  If he could not stop Jesus being born he had to either kill Him before He reached the age at which He could minister or, while He was ministering, kill Him before Jesus could cause too much truth being taught to the masses.

Jesus was conceived and was being carried by Mary to the chagrin of Satan.

Satan’s first attempt to kill Jesus was to have Mary treated as an adulteress, which punishment was to have her stoned to death which would also have killed Jesus.  Joseph loved Mary so was just going to divorce her and not kill her.  This divorce would have been sufficient to invalidate the ministry of Jesus in the eyes of the Jewish leaders because Mary being considered an adulterous would have made Jesus illegitimate so that any claim He made as the Messiah would not have been recognized.

So then Satan tried to have Jesus die in child birth by being born in a stable with no sterile conditions or midwife to help if anything went wrong.  God looked after Jesus and Mary apparently had no problems delivering Jesus.

Next Satan organised for all children under 2 years old to be killed.  But Joseph was warned in a dream and escaped to Egypt.  On this trip there would have been many dangers, but God protected them and they arrived safely.  He also protected them on the return trip home.

They were going to a strange land so God had organised money for them – the three wise men brought them gifts that were valuable and would have sustained them until they were established in Nazareth- but they still had the problems and dangers of being strangers in a foreign land.

In preparation for His ministry Jesus went into the wilderness to be with His Father for a period of 40 days and nights.  Hungry and physically weak Satan thought it would be a good time to attack Him, We read about this in Matthew chapter 4.

The first attack against Jesus was for Him to doubt God’s provision for Him.  In other words that God did not Love Him sufficiently to completely provide His needs so that He had to do some of it Himself.

The second attack was for Jesus to doubt God’s protection of Him, that God did not Love Him sufficiently to completely protect Him and Jesus had to test God to prove this.  This would mean doubting God’s Love for Jesus.  He was trying to make Jesus believe that God would not protect Him in His ministry.

The third attack was for Jesus to believe Satan was greater than God and worship Him instead of God and to obtain all God had promised Him without the need for Him to suffer.

All attacks failed.  If any had succeeded Jesus would have sinned and not been able to redeem us and could not have been The Messiah.

Satan tried to persuade John The Baptist to have Jesus baptize Him.  If this had happened Jesus would not have been anointed for ministry and would have had no right from God to minister.  This is why The Father and The Holy Spirit witnessed to whom Jesus was at his baptism.

Having failed here Satan then tried to stop Jesus ministering by Killing Him.

Jesus had gone around the local area demonstrating He was The Messiah and then went into the Synagogue of His home town and announced He was the Messiah (Luke 4:18).  Satan stirred them up to not believe Jesus and they went to take him out and kill Him.  But God delivered Him and He went on His way.

If Satan could not kill Jesus or make Jesus sin then Satan would try and destroy the credibility of Jesus.

He was raised in Nazareth which the Jewish leaders believed could not be the place The Messiah would be born and raised as according to them nothing of any good had come out of Nazareth.  They expected The Messiah to be raised in far grander places.

He was accused by the leaders of relating to the lower classes and sinners; people the leaders would not mix with in case they got defiled or because they were lower than their exalted rank in society.  This was not something The Messiah would do according to them.

Jesus even related to Samaritans which would really have upset the Jewish leaders and also healed people on the Sabbath.  He was also not afraid to show the Jewish leaders how they had corrupted The Law.  This alone would have made them want to get rid of Jesus and Satan would gladly help them in any way he could to do this.

In fact it was after Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead that the leaders were so concerned that what Jesus was doing would lose them their political position and benefits that they really started to try and find ways to remove Him.

He stopped them stoning an adulterous woman.  They believed that The  Messiah would have upheld the Mosaic Law and had her stoned.  This meant He could not be The Messiah as He would have broken the Mosaic Law.

He raised people from The Dead.  He did things The Messiah was not stated as doing in their Bible so He could not be The Messiah.

He was accused of working for the devil when He cast out demons so could not be from God.

All of these things destroyed His credibility amongst the Jewish leaders.

But there were still a few who believed in Him but had to do it secretly because of His rejection by the Jewish leadership of that day.

Why did Jesus pick twelve men?

Twelve is the number of God’s Kingdom so it symbolised that The Kingdom of God had come with Jesus.

The group was also large enough to deter thieves and robbers from robbing them as they travelled around the countryside.

Jesus had to die as He was a real threat to Satan.  He had so many followers that Satan was able to use the religious leaders against Him.

Satan raised a fear in them that Jesus had so many followers He could lead a revolt against Rome and they would lose their prestigious roles in Jewry.  They could not find anything Him that was immoral or against the laws of Rome so they manufactured charges against Him with ling witnesses that would result in His death under Jewish Law.

They could not kill Jesus themselves so went to the Roman Governor for Him to do it.

In the interrogation of Jesus by The Roman Governor Jesus told Him that He (Jesus) was a King but that His Kingdom was not of this earth.  The Kingship of Jesus had not been set up by Rome so that He was possibly a threat to the authority of Rome which is why Pontius Pilate had over the cross in three languages so that all would be able to read it, that Jesus had said He was the king of the Jews mocking Jesus for saying this and by having Jesus killed, showing Rome was greater than Jesus.  While the Jews took Jesus to the crucifixion site Rome alone could crucify Him and the title place on the cross of Jesus was justification for Rome to crucify Him.

The Jews could not get Jesus on moral grounds so they used the law of the land to remove Him.

Satan is doing this today by having agendas such as Gay and Lesbian marriage and making it illegal for people to speak to against it, jailing or punishing people in other ways who do.  By this he is able to persecute Christians and stifle the expression of Christianity.

This is why it is such a vocal thing and such aggression is being shown towards those that oppose its implementation by those controlled by Satan.  No Christian could promote it so that we have only Satan as the reason for its implementation.

Satan was eventually allowed to kill Jesus in a way God approved of.

The Jews expected a victorious Messiah who would free them from Rome and anyone who died on a cross to them could not be the Messiah.  By this manner of death the Jews were stopped by believing in Jesus as The Messiah, except for those who understood the Kingdom Of Jesus was not on earth.

His death served two purposes for the Jews:

It maintained the religious status quo

It kept the Jewish leaders in their comfortable positions.

If Satan had understood what the cross stood for – the redemption of all so that he no longer would have them – he would have Jesus live a long happy life.  But Satan did not realise the significance of Calvary and was horrified when he found out.

Jesus had not sinned but still died as if He had of sinned.  So God restored His life to the horror of Satan!

God allowed Satan to kill Jesus because He knew the good that would occur and that it would defeat Satan and allow the followers of Jesus to fight Satan successfully, have a personal relationship with God and go to heaven as well as having all that went with these things.

Satan had the tomb sealed by the Roman Authorities. Jesus had said that He would rise on the third day and neither Rome nor the Jews could have this. So to stop the body of Jesus being stolen by His followers and have them claim Jesus had been raised Satan had the tomb sealed by The Roman authorities.

To Satan’s horror Jesus rose from the dead.  So Satan had the Jewish authorities and the Roman government spread a lie that the disciples of Jesus had stolen the body.

How is Satan attacking Jesus these days?

Jesus said:

Mat 25:45  Then shall he answer them, saying, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not unto one of these least, ye did it not unto me. 

In otherwords, whatever you do to the followers of Jesus or to His Kingdom you are doing to Him.  So Satan is attacking the followers of Jesus and their work for Jesus as He can no longer attack Jesus directly.

In these latter days, Satan has attacked the foundation of Christianity with a Greek text based on two forged codices and another codex which is not worth using for translation purposes and has managed to make a bible that declares Jesus was born as a result of normal sex, so was not divine at birth, but became divine after death by what He had done.  In otherwords He was no different to the heroes of Greek mythology and because He was not divine He could not redeem us or save us.

This means salvation is not just by faith In Jesus and His redemption but now it is faith in what He taught as interpreted by religious leaders and that we need to personally do things to pay the penalty of our sins based on the religious acts the ministers of our religion say we need to do.

This means the secret knowledge (Gnosis) of how to do these religious acts and satisfy God’s requirements of you becomes more important than faith and that people have to go to these ministers to learn what to do and are controlled by them.

Cults are very good at this type of control and secret knowledge.

How did Satan attack Jesus?

Satan tried to stop Him being born.

How many people, who could have been great ministers for Christ, have been aborted?  They were going to heaven anyway so Satan was not concerned about them dying in the womb.  You wonder if Satan is selective in who is aborted as he does not want those who would not go to heaven to be aborted as they would go there if they died in the womb.

Satan tried to kill the baby Jesus.

How many children have been killed in terrorism, war, disease and famine all things that are of his doing.

He is glad to kill those who would not have gone to heaven and those who would have he is glad to stop them ministering.

Satan tried to raise him without accepted teaching

They marvelled at Jesus in the temple when He was 12 because He had not been to any acceptable religious school.

Satan uses the public school system to lead children away from Christianity and if they still follow Jesus he has them hindered from ministering if they do not study theology at acceptable schools and learn it the way he desires the church to know it.

If you do not believe Satan influences theological teaching places look at all the errors in the modern church beliefs.

Satan tried to stop the ministry of Jesus because He was not teaching what was acceptable to him

How many revivals and searching for holiness has been stopped by ministers who consider these people troublemaker and had them stifled or thrown out of the church because they were doing things not considered acceptable to the orthodox religion of the time.

Satan tried to have Jesus sin and disqualify Himself from ministry.

How many ministries have fallen because the leader indulged in a sin of some sort and the resulting scandal that followed destroyed their ministries?

Satan tried to remove the credibility of Jesus and have His sanity questioned.

He was not from an orthodox theological school so was not accepted as a teacher.  The leaders tried to find error in His beliefs but were unable too.  So modern churches question the theology of people even though it is Biblical because they are not doing it as they have not been taught to do it in their theological training..  By this they call truth into disrepute and stop people following the truth.

Or they question the theology of the person saying that no sane theologian would believe what they teach or look at the person’s lifestyle and point out things that would imply the person was unbalanced so could not be relied upon to think correctly over a theological mater.


We are not told why or how Jesus chose him to be a follower of His.  Jesus would have known Judas was money hungry (which is why he betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver) but Jesus still made Judas Iscariot treasurer. He knew Judas was using the money for his own purposes but said nothing.

Why was Jesus silent?

He needed Judas so prophecy could be fulfilled.

Satan was happy having Judas as a follower of Jesus for various reasons:

He controlled the money of Jesus to use and he could use Judas to try and disrupt or sidetrack the plans of Jesus

He had someone in the disciples who could speak out against the plans of Jesus to try and thwart them

He had someone he could use against Jesus and discredit Jesus by having Him organise the capture and killed by the high priests implying that Jesus was not really worth following.

Satan did not realise Judas would be used to fulfil prophecy and prove the Bible was from God.

Judas represents those in ministry who are in it for the money and change their views to reflect current theology, no matter how wrong it is, as long as they have their position they can abuse financially and keep the authority they have over others.