His training of the church

At various councils of Satan ideas were discussed on how to remove the threat to Demons by those who knew their authority over Demons. Some suggestions were:

Guide the teaching of theology so that its teachings would become compromised and would cause no problems to Satan and his demons. An example is the casting of doubt on the ending of Mark 16 being in the original writing of Mark and which is the only place we have been delegated authority over Satan. By this Satan causes doubt on our ability to overcome him through the delegated authority of Jesus which is the only real weapon we have against Satan.
Remove the divinity of Jesus so that He was just man like others who were born of sexual interaction and were made gods after they died. This they did successfully in modern bibles that remove the divinity of Jesus in any way they can.
Cause Bibles to become corrupted with error that was not obvious, so that truths became compromised, blurred or hidden and the truths of The Bible could not be easily used against Satan and his demons. This has happened with modern bibles which are based on three forged codices and is why so much confusion arises at times in bible study when different translations are used.
Cause denominations and independent churches to exist, so that The Body of Christ was divided and The kingdom of God hidden. This meant that the work of God would not be done because the denomination or church became the focus of their activities and not The Kingdom of God. The unity of The body so necessary to reach the world for Jesus would be destroyed and prevented from forming by the denominational system.
Hide the role and anointing of The Holy Spirit so that people would not be led by Him to do the work of God. Only what man thought was Godís Will would be done. This meant they would not be guided by Him to follow Jesus as they needed too.
Hide Godís Love so that people would not appreciate it as well as what God has done for them as a result of it so that they would not desire to serve God out of love but joylessly as their duty. It would also destroy the unity we are to have in the Love of God and His Peace we all are in.
Make Demons and hell irrelevant to Christians so that no one would bother about them. A consequence of this would be Christians would not bother to tell others or preach about hell or fight Satan and his Demons.
Make Christians believe Demons cannot attack them once they follow Jesus as Lord. They then would not fight Demons believing it was not necessary and would give natural causes and a person's emotions or reason as the basis for conflict and disease.
People casting out Demons from Christians were to be ridiculed by those believing Christians could not have Demons and would be considered mentally ill or not rational if they continued in this ministry.
To those believing in deliverance, it would be made to appear difficult and dangerous, being practiced by only a few very spiritual people after years of training and study and at times needing an official licence or qualification from a denomination or church to practice it.

It was agreed to follow these ideas which they have successfully implemented in the Christian churches today.