The True Kingdoms

This is another perspective on the Kingdom of God and the Citizen

Despite all the political divisions made by man there are really only two kingdoms:  The Kingdom of God and The Kingdom of His enemy, Satan (the devil).  Before a person becomes a follower of Jesus they live under the principles of The Kingdom of Satan and have the attitudes and purposes of that kingdom.  When they decide to follow Jesus they do a 180 degree turn in their attitudes and purposes and turn to the purposes and attitudes of The Kingdom of The Father.

This new life style is called ‘Holiness to God’, the turning away from the things of The Kingdom of darkness you were in to the things of The Kingdom of God.  This separating yourself from this worldly system is also part of the ‘fast’ God asks you to do (Is 58:6).

The deliverance ministry helps you with this change as it removes the baggage of The Kingdom of darkness, but only so much of it as you want removed.

The Kingdom of God, at the moment, is where the influence of God is through the presence of The Holy Spirit working through a citizen of The Kingdom.  It is not on earth in any other form. The presence of The Holy Spirit in you means you need no special place to worship The King, as you are that special place. His presence also means you can be guided by the true King, if you want to, and do what he requires of you in His quest to free people from the control of His enemy.

What does it mean to be a citizen of kingdom?

A Good Citizen knows he represents his King and acts accordingly. He knows he represents his King by the fact he is a part of The Kings Kingdom. He serves The King and waits upon Him. He defends The King and The King’s principles because in defending The Kingdom he is defending himself. He proclaims the benefits of being in The Kingdom because The King is so good to him. He warns those that reject The King but leaves the punishment of them to The King. He uses The King’s guidelines for determining if someone has rebelled against The King.

He loves the good king because of the benefits The King gives to his people (which includes him). He hates the enemy who would try and destroy The Kingdom and will go to war with the enemy as often as is necessary to defend The Kingdom and His king. He removes those things from The Kingdom that would in any way mar The King’s Reign and Kingdom. He does his work well knowing he will have to give account of it to The King for anything not done properly or which brings discredit to The Kingdom. This is not his motivation however, as he serves The King out of love and gratitude for what The King has done for him.  He desires the relationship with his king above all things as he loves his King and knows this relationship will bring the maximum benefit to his King and himself as well as his security and permanence in The Kingdom.

A good citizen of The Kingdom of God loves his King and delights in the relationship with Him and in doing His will. He is not afraid to give to The King an account of what he does as he has been wholeheartedly faithful in all he has done (what The King requires of him).  The King does not mind failure if it is done out of the proper attitude to Him and His Kingdom.  In other words the person wholeheartedly tried to do the Will of The King but failed. The desire of the citizen of The Kingdom is that all men know his King and the relationship they can have with Him as well as to destroy the works of his King’s, enemy (the devil). Being a good citizen he will be found doing the Master’s work when the Master comes.

You may do all the right things to satisfy the church or the requirements of a denominations but still not be a good citizen of The Kingdom of God because you are not obeying The King, only what man says The King requires.

A good citizen delights in the relationship with his King for in it lies their happiness, health and future! How does one delight in the relationship with his King? By appreciating what The King has done for them, is doing for them and has promised to do for them as well as desiring to be closer to The King in their relationship so they know The King better and can express their love to The King in a more deeper and meaningful way.

A good citizen delights in his King because he loves Him and desires to be with Him as often as he can.  He serves The King out of love and in this lies their purpose – to be good citizens of God’s Kingdom, serving The King out of love and gratitude for what The King has done, is currently doing and promises to do for them in the future.

The citizen sells or gives up all he has to obtain The Kingdom it is of so great a value to him. It is the treasure hid in a field, the pearl of great price (value) worth all they have to obtain.

They realise that they cannot take anything with them when they die and that The King has promised to provide all they need when they leave the enemy’s territory and go to His Kingdom.  They also realise that their rewards in The Kingdom (heaven) is dependant on their correct use of the time and abilities The King  has given them as well as the correct stewardship of The King possessions which they have been entrusted with here in the enemy’s kingdom.

They do not hoard treasure on earth where it corrupts and is destroyed and cannot be taken with them to their home country (heaven) but use what they have been made steward of by The King, wisely, for the good of The Kingdom and have rewards in their home Kingdom instead.

Status of The Citizen

The citizen has only the rights The King gives them and must stay within those limits or face punishment.

They must keep His laws, which means they must know and understand them

To rebel against His rule is death

They must do His will before their own regardless of time, place, inconvenience or difficulty.

They must believe The King has their best interest at heart or will only serve him grudgingly.

They must believe it is worth following Him

They must believe there is no one more worthy to follow

What does the citizen of The Kingdom do?

They worship The King

They serve The King

They represent The King

They fellowship with The King

They place the requirements of The King and The Kingdom (which is an extension of The King) above all other requirements and they desire and  The King above all other people. This is not hard for them to do because of the nature of The King being so beautiful and desirable that they want to be like Him and to spend time with Him.

They serve The King in various areas:

Representing Him as His ambassador

Teaching about Him to others

Guiding and helping people to join His Kingdom

Obtaining ground (people) from the enemy for The Kingdom

Serving Him in The Kingdom itself.

They do not strive for greatness in The Kingdom as it is for The King alone to give.  They study to be approved by their King then He promotes them.  They realise that greatness in The Kingdom is not obtained by doing great things but being faithful in the daily things The King requires of them.  Their daily life is centred on The King’s will for them and they consider how it relates to what they are doing as they go around their daily activities:

The husband at work and guiding the family

The wife as a mother and housekeeper, guiding nd k eeping the household

The children obedient and learning from parents and teacher

Those ministering, ministering out of love and not duty

The leaders having their household in order before leading other Christians

The employers treating their workers in Christian love

People paying their correct taxes, observing road speed limit and rules and meeting other governmental responsibilities

All spending time to listen to The Kings Counsellor (The Holy Spirit) to hear The King’s Will

All relying on their delegated authority, gifts and guidelines (Bible) from The King in their daily life as citizens

All serving each other in unity, desiring only to help each other obtain The Kingdom and to reach their potential as citizens of this Kingdom.

They realise that the salvation offered them is reflected in their role as a citizen of The Kingdom of God.  The more they get to know the workings of The King in their life and of His Counsellor (The Holy Spirit), the more they love them.  The more they love them the more they desire to serve them, spend time with them and learn of them.

The more we identify with The King and His Counsellor, the more people will see them in us and their Kingdom in our lifestyle.

Holiness is the voluntary state of being separated from The King’s enemy and the influence of the enemy’s territory in all its aspects.

Sanctification is the setting apart of us, by The King, for His purposes.

Righteousness is being in a correct relationship with The King.

Justification is the removal, by The King, of every spiritual impediment (sin and its defilement) that would stop us relating correctly with The King.

All this is done so we can enjoy our relationship with The King and His Counsellor and joyfully serve them as a result of this relationship.

If you have neither a joyful relationship with The King or serve Him Joyfully, take stock of yourself and see what is hindering you otherwise you will never really be able to serve God to your fullest ability as a citizen of His Kingdom.

The Bible says that we are solely responsible for two things:

The choice of The Kingdom we serve

The rewards we get in this Kingdom when we return home to its home base (Gal 6:7-8).

It is up to you alone. The choices is yours and you must make one!  There are no fence sitters in The Kingdom of Heaven but there are many in hell!

Kingdom Attitudes

Anyone that does knowingly does not do God’s will or His purposes cannot belong to The Kingdom of God and by default belongs to The Kingdom of the enemy.  Hence the danger of being a fence-sitting Christian who is content to let others do the work of God’s Kingdom, or who do only do the work of denominations or whom do things from duty rather than love, usually to please men or gain promotion, self-esteem or self-worth from these activities.

It is all a matter of attitude.

You do not own things but have stewardship of them as they belong to God their creator so you should always consider what God wants done with them when you deal with the things you have been trusted with.

You have not right to judge or condemn others, as The King is the only one who can do this.  You may not like what th ey do, but  you are to love them in the way God Loves them.

You are required to love others as The King loves you and place their welfare first before your selfish pleasures.  You are required to maintain those people God has trusted you with (family e.g.) and not deprive them of their needs to meet the needs of others.  You are also not to do for others what they should be doing for themselves.  They could be punished by The King for not doing what you have done for them as well as lose rewards and you could also be acting outside your authority area or level and incur The King’s displeasure.

Your plans are always subject to the will of the ruler (Jesus) so that He is consulted before you do anything that is not revealed in His rules and guidelines (The Bible) and even then, at times, He should be consulted to ensure you are still doing His Will.  There are everyday activities that must be done and these usually do not require His approval however you must be ready and able to hear The King’s voice when He speaks to you to do something out of the ordinary.

It is an attitude that seeks to know The King personally because of the love borne for Him as a result of what He has done for them.

It is an attitude that does not consider the delights of the enemy’s kingdom as their attention is solely on The King’s requirements and the furtherance of His Kingdom and the delights of being in The King’s presence.

The King’s requirements are well known to the citizen as they study them so they will not unknowingly or knowingly disobey them.

It is summarised by Mat 6:33.  In all you do:

Seek the intimacy of the relationship you have with Jesus

Seek the benefit of His Kingdom in all you do

As you obey Jesus in all you do you walk on the path He has prepared for you from before the beginning of creation on which are all the good things God has for you to receive.

The sole purpose of the citizen is to please their King for in doing so He will show his true love for his King and achieve the best that is possible for themself.  The citizen does not seek to please The King because of the rewards he receives but out of love for what The King has done for him.

Our King, of course, is Jesus, the Desire of the Ages.

In Conclusion

Can you lose your citizenship in heaven?  Yes through deliberate continued unrepented disobedience.  Your name will be removed from the book of life (Rev 3:5).

Jesus said people who believed in Him would heal the sick and raise the dead.  So if you are not even trying to do these you are in disobedience to Him and risk losing your salvation unless you have a very good reason to give Him when you face Him and give account of your life.

You will not go to hell for trying and not succeeding.  you will go to hell for not trying in the first instance.

 If Satan is not relevant to a you as Christian you will not need to pray against him and his attacks on you as he supposedly cannot hurt you.  Mark 16:17 is not necessary if this is true which means Jesus has lied by telling us to do something that is not necessary (cast out demons) and if this is so He is not perfect and cannot be God and we are not redeemed through Him.

It is your choice to believe what Jesus says or ignore them.  You cannot half-live for Jesus or half believe what He said.  It is all or nothing!

Choose this day whom you will serve!  But for me and my household it will be The Lord!