What is a Christian

the Christian is someone who has rejected what the God of this world, Satan, offers them and has decided to follow Jesus of their Lord and King.

They believe in who he says he is and what he has said he has done and obey his laws and requirements of them as told to them in the Bible. A serve him only and as he directs them to serve him.

Oh focus on him and his purposes for them believing all he said about rewards after death and judgement in hell rejecting for him and his requirements of them.

To preserve their salvation relationship with Jesus and the Father they must maintain their side of the relationship which involves working at it to know what God required of them as well as learning how to hear his voice so they know what he is saying to them.

Of a series based on a relationship with Jesus and the Father in heaven. No relationship, no salvation. This is why you have to study the Bible to know as much about Jesus and his requirements of you.

In this study you will have the help of the Holy Spirit has been sent by God to help people in this.

If you do not get to heaven you will have only yourself to blame as it is your salvation you alone make to the seekers to maintain it.

Choose wisely, a person is a very long time in.