Who is the real God?

Modern theology says that we do not have the original Greek writings of the Apostles so they have to work out what God is trying to say in His Bible.  Their God was unable to maintain the accuracy of what He tried to each us in The Scriptures.  He was not in sufficient control of things to be able to do this or did not care whether or not we knew what He required from us..  This God is not all powerful and not in complete control of things and does not guide man to interpret The Scriptures so they have to reason out what He said.  This means they are as intelligent as God to be able to do this or their God does not know everything as man is able to tell Him what He was trying to say in The Scriptures.

This also implies something terrible.  That for nearly 2000 years the Christian church has not had the true scriptures which they say are only coming to light now having been lost and now being rediscovered implying the God of Christians is a lesser God who cannot control things to preserve His Scriptures.

The problem modern theologians have is that they have no standard to compare their work to too see if it is correct.  So, while they say they are working out what God was trying to say they cannot say they are correct because they have no standard to compare what they say too to show that it is correct.  So you cannot trust any of the new modern versions as there really is no standard from God, according to them, to show they have correctly divined what God was trying to say.  So in a sense they are back where they started not still not knowing what they believe God said is correct with the added disadvantage of being guided by what they have reasoned which may or not may not be correct.

So they getting closer to what God said or further away by relying on possible inaccurate reasoning about what he said.  Even if they are getting ir correct you still cannot trust modern versions because you have nothing to compare them too to show they are actually correct in what they have determined The Bible says.

They have not got an accurate version or they would be using it and not need to work out what is correct.

The two main manuscripts they use are only a start because they have to work out from them what God said.  In otherwords the two main manuscripts they have are not accurate or they would not need to work out what God was trying to say through them.

Their God is:

Not all knowing

Not all powerful

Not a God of Love or he would have tried harder to have them have a correct set of Scriptures

So He is a bit of an uncaring wimp or a loveless God or both and they have it wrong in their bibles when they say 'God is Love'.

The alternate viewpoint is that God preserve His Scriptures and it is in found in the Textus Receptus and similar manuscripts.  The Textus Receptus has the advantage also of not needing to find out what God wanted to say to us as it goes back to the apostles so that we have an unbroken teaching from Jesus to the present day.

Unfortunately the two conflicting manuscripts that are the mainstay for modern theology can only trace their lineage back to an heretical area called Alexandria in Egypt, and do not go back in a direct line to the Apostles and Jesus.  In contrast to the God of the modern theologians, the God of the Textus Receptus is all powerful, all knowing and everywhere so He was able to protect His Scriptures to this day.

So the modern theologians have a wimp of a God, who cannot protect even what He wants to tell us and/or who is indifferent to us and lets man reason out what He said so without having us able to determine if it is accurate, so that you really cannot know if what is in modern bibles is what God said because it is only what man has reasoned is correct. So to trust these Bibles is to take your salvation in your hands because you cannot even trust what they said about it or redemption.  After all they have reasoned it is what God said and may not be what He said.  There will be truth in their Bibles but also error and as they do not have a scripture that is correct to compare it too you cannot really trust any of it as being what God said but only what they believed their God said.

The writings of the Textus Receptus (the Greek of the King James Text) come from a direct line of the Apostles and has been preserved by God for nearly 1900 years so can be trusted.  The God of The King James Version loves us enough to maintain His teachings for us to follow and has controlled their preservation so we have them today as they originally were.

Another interesting thing is that each of the modern bibles has to be different so they can be copyrighted.  This means they cannot all say the same things.  God is not the author of confusion and confusion results from the use of these different bibles in bible study as each states a verse in a slightly different way at times and can imply bu this that the verse means a different thing to what other Bibles say it means.

God always gives us His things freely at no cost and the King James is not copyrighted so is freely available to all and cannot be controlled like the copyrighted modern bibles can be.  This alone shows that man is in control of modern bibles and not God and so they are not of Him or they would be free to all, except for printing and distribution costs where applicable.

The God of the modern Bible is a capitalist unlike the God of The King James who gives what He has freely to all.

Which God do you worship?

The wimpish Capitalistic God of the modern versions who allows man to reason out what He said and control their distribution so that 100000 NIV bibles were destroyed because they were not printed by the copyright owner who they had them destroyed because they did not get a copyright fee? or

A God, who is able to preserve His wisdom for us to know and who gives us freely all things we need for us to enjoy.

I know whom I would choose

Neville Salvetti