Why the Tribulation

It is punishment for not observing the Shemeta years and the Jubilee since 1967 when Israel became a nation again having captured all of Jerusalem and so had its capital back.

It is designed to remove all Satan placed on earth to give Jesus a clean slate when He comes to rule in the Millennium

It fulfils Biblical prophecy and shows The Bible to be God inspired

It shows how evil a ruler Satan is so that when Jesus rules and shows how Satan should have ruled Jesus is shown to be just in punishing Satan for what he did on earth

It gives Glory to God because He over rules all that happens during it

It Gives Glory to God because he comes back and takes the earth off Satan and restores it to what it should have been

And the one that I was shown today:
After the greatest revivals the earth has ever seen there is only 20% of people who call themselves Christian who, according to Jesus, will be raptured. This means 80% of people who say they are Christians would not go to heaven if they died. The Tribulation gives them a choice to either get their Christian lives correct or go over to Satan completely. The Tribulation is God’s Grace to these people to give them a chance to repent and follow Jesus as they should.

The early church grew and was purified by tribulation and so it will be at the end of this age that the church will be purified by tribulation