Salvation in Modern Bibles

All world religions have Gods that require appeasement for you to obtain their favour or the equivalent of salvation.  This means that The Christian church, if it is to combine with worldly religions,  must have salvation, based on a fickle God you must please through activity and not on a God who completed all that was  necessary at Calvary and requires only faith in what He has done and obedience to His Will.  This is apart from having a founder who was a man and became Godlike, like Satanists and other worldly religions have as part of their beliefs.

As you read modern Bibles carefully examine the verses on Salvation to see if Jesus is the one you need to believe in or just declare He is Lord.  The devils cannot believe in Him for salvation but they admit He is Lord.  In this is the subtlety of the perversion of Salvation in Modern Bibles.

Today it seems you can admit Jesus is Lord without believe He is necessary for salvation through confessing this fact as part of your belief system.


The Subject Of Faith Is Perverted: -- All too often you hear the expression, "But my faith is this -- ", and there follows a fanciful idea or opinion that is foreign to the Scriptures. Yet we are told, "So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God" (Rom. 10:17). If it is not in the Word of God, it is not scriptural faith. It is when each one formulates his "own faith" that the worth of the Bible is entirely discounted. Just recently one was declaring his belief in God, yet was strongly arguing, "God is dead." He began with scriptural faith, and then perverted it to his own selfish end, striving to make himself a god.

Modernists extol their faith, but at the very same time pervert it to suit their fancy. They claim to believe in Jesus Christ, but deny that He was the "only begotten Son of God" according to the record God gives us. Rather, they confess Him to be a great teacher and moral leader, but deny His deity. They reject the virgin birth, discount His miracles, scoff at His vicarious death for us, and ridicule the thought of a bodily resurrection. Yet they profess faith in Christ! It is a faith perverted to their own egotistcal reasoning, with all saving power drained from the gospel they preach.

(The above quotes are from  Dillard Thurman in Gospel Minutes, May 2, 1969, reprinted in Gospel Minutes, Vol. 57, No. 31, Aug. 1, 2008.)

If Jesus is not God but became one and was not divine at birth we really cannot ask Him for salvation and He cannot redeem us as He cannot be a perfect, complete eternal and universal offering for our punishment for our sins.  This means we need to do something to obtain our salvation.

If He is just one of a number of people who are now ascended and have the same qualities like Jesus then you can also approach them for Salvation.  An example is Mary of the Catholic church who is described as a co-redeemer with Jesus and queen of heaven, which she could not have been if Jesus was divine and not just a man who became God-like.

This is why modern Bibles have been altered to make Jesus Human and salvation and redemption a result of activity and not faith in the finished work of redemption, which they do not believe in .

As an example, Acts 8:37 (The need to have faith  in Jesus as savior and Lord, is left out of Baptism so it is not identified with a correct attitude to Jesus but is just a religious act.

It is also why His Name is left out of passages like 1 Tim 3:16