Why Pray?

God is perfect Love so that whenever He does something for you it is perfectly done.

We are told in Matt 6:33 that if we seek to develop the relationship, we have with Him and seek to do His Will t hen He will provides all we need

So, we have a promise from God that He will perfectly provide also we need.  So:

Why do we pray for what we need?

Why do we pray for what others need?

You need to differentiate between a statement, whjich expr esses what is on your h eart such as:

“I would like this” or :I f eel like this”,

And an actual payer

‘God please give me this”.

What do we do for others if we do not need to pray for them?

We need to protect them and remove the demons stopping them knowing the truths they need too know as well as remove the demons stopping them from correctly applying these truths to their life.

This is why we need to know spiritual warfare as this is what does this.

What about praise, adoration and worship?

These are not prayers.

They are expressions of love to The Father, Jesus and The Holy Spirit resulting from a realisation 0f all that they do for us.

The Father gave you life and a body and supplies all your n eeds.

The Holy Spirit’s presence is in you so He can he[p you in all you do.

The Lord Jesus protects you and all that The Father has given you and has given you the delegation to fight your enemy.

God does not send you to hell as He is Perfect Love.  But He has to allow you to suffer the consequences of your actions and it is these He has to enforce which is why you go to hell or heaven.

It is a result of your life choices and the consequences of them!

Mat 12:36  But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment. 

Mat 12:37  For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned. 

Now you understand the importance of controlling what you think and say as your words and thoughts are what will judge you when you die and face Jesus.