On Christian Writing

The purpose of Christian writing is not to make to make money but to be used by God to proclaim His Truths.  Any other reason is selfish and idolatrous and will not be honoured by God but Satan may try and honour it to cause error.

The purpose of any Christian writer, and in fact of any Christian, is to bring Glory to God in all they do.  Anything a Christian does should demonstrate God is worthy to be followed in everything they do,. That His Will and principles are far superior to any that anyone else can produce.

Unless a Christian promotes God and His character as well as his Love and desires for mankind, then they are not giving Glory to God.  (Our life brings Glory to God by opur unquestioning obedience and by the way we follow what He dfesires us to do). The writing should also present The Kingdom of God as that is an extension of God and also should help the person to know what God desires them to do as a result of the information.

The purpose of a christian writer is to teach and encourage people to live the Christian life as God requires them too.  IF They are guided by The Holy Spirit in this writing they will reveal The Truths God desires to reveal to His people.  If they write anything else, they are usually writing from reason, theory or knowledge and not from Gods' perspective (Job 32:8, John 16:13). . While it may be Christian truth, It is not the Christian truth God desires them to write.

The work of a Christian writer should bring Glory to God alone. Bringing glory to anyone else is a form of idolatry.

The Christian writier should not be seen in their witings for if they are then they are probably removing Glory from God and focussing it on themselves.  Even when they use a personal anecdote it should point to how God worked in it.

Whatever they write will direct people to God and/or His Kingdom and will give them a greater understanding of God’s Law of Love, His Love for them or His purposes and Will for them.  It will also help them in their relationship with God.

It will draw people closer to a greater intimacy and love for God Helping them to appreciate each member of the Trinity more as well as what each member of The Trinity does out of their Love for them personally.

A Christian writer must be transparent to The Holy Spirit in the way they write so that the Holy Spirit alone is seen in their writings.  If The writer places any of their personality in any way in their writings they will hinder in some way the message The Holy Spirit desires to convey through the writer.

This is why a Christian writer needs to have a close walk with The Holy Spirit so they can hear Him as they write and so they will write what He desires to reveal through them.

What a great privelige a Christian writer has, to be chosen by The Father to be used to tell others what God desires The Body of Christ to know.  It is a holy calling in which Jesus must be Lord of all the writer’s life, who also must walk in a constant communion with the Holy Spirit so they can clearly hear what The Holy spirits desires them to write as well as how they are to write and also what they are to write.

A writer will often have to excperience what they write about which is why great writers usually have sufferred greatly.

A writer must write so that The Holy Spirit said can be seen as the author of what is written.  The Christian writer just writes what The Spirit tells them so they are really only the messenger, communicating what God desires to reveal of Himself through their writings.

If the writer place his reasonings and beliefs in the writing they will hinder in some way the message the Holy Spirit desires to convey through the writer.

The life of the Christian writer must back up what they write about, or God cannot and will not use them as they would be hypocrites unable to hear The Holy Spirit and what He wanted to communicate through them.  Also, as they are hypocrites God will not reveal himself to them and will not use them to write.

A Christian writer cannot write in a practical way about something they have not experienced, or seen in another.  However, The Holy Spirit knows all truth and under His guidance they are able to write in a practical way about things they have not experienced.

God will usually have the Christian, writer experience what He desires them to write about, either in their life or through the life of another.  It is difficult to write with depth on things like: holiness, patience, suffering, faith, endurance in suffering, obedience etc., unless you have experienced or seen these thing and have overcome the trials in their life these things trials occurred in'.

God may put the Christian writer through experiences to teach them more about these experiences or to prepare them for ministry so that they can can empathise with the people they will minister too having suffered the same or similar to what these people have or are experiencing.

God does not deal in hypotheticals or use writers who are not willing to experience what they write about.

If you desire to experience the deep things of God then you will suffer.  Only in suffering and withdrawing from the world (which is controlled by Satan) will you be able to walk closely to God to learn the deep things He wants to reveal to you.

Often the Christian writer will be isolated from the world so that he can more closely hear The holy spirit and not be disturbed by the things of the world.

As you learn of God’s love for you, His provision for you and His deliverance of you. You will be able to experientially write of them and give others hope and encouragement in their trials.

We have the example of Jesus, who came to earth to reveal the Father and The Kingdom of God and through his example encouraged us to look for hope and deliverance here from our trials and through His death, from the kingdom of Satan to the rewards God has prepared for us in heaven.

Writing can be tiring and stressful, But if a writer lives in accordance with The principles of Matt 6:33, They will not need to be concerned with material, structure or the writing process as The Holy Spirit will guide them in all these and other areas.  The writer will not need to know about the future needs of the writing as the Holy Spirit will also prepares these as well as prepare the writer to write them.  And the writer will simply follow the path prepared for them from before the creation of the world (Eph 2:10) on which is all they need to love and serve God in the way He desires them to serve him That. All they need to do is to listen to The Holy Spirit as well as do all that God desires them to do!

The writings of a Christian writer should be factual, giving hope and encouragement and not just knowledge.  Jesus did not come to condemn. but to give us life, understanding of God’s requirements as well as a future now and in eternity.

Some guidelines for Christian writing:

You must write only what The Holy Spirit desires you to write.

It must be what the Holy Spirit desires to communicate without any input or influence from the writer themself.

It must lift up The Godhead or a member of the Godhead (The trinity of The Father, The Lord Jesus or the Holy Spirit) and/or reveal The Kingdom of God in some way.

What is written must be easily understood by the most unlearned person. Everyday words must be used that are simple, easy to understand and clearly convey what is being said. Do not use lexiphanic tendencies to make people aprosexic and possibly give them ergasiaphobia of the writing as you show your wordsmithing abilities.

The matter discussed must be discussed in such a way so that nothing else is needed to understand and apply or teach what has been written

What is written must be communicated clearly and distinctly so that there can be no confusion about what is being written.

It must be easily able to be communicated by one person to another so it can easily be taught to others (2 Tim 2:2).

Do not write about anything you have not experienced or which The Holy Spirit has not revealed to you.

You are writing for the Body and not for theologians. God wants His teachings understood by all and not just theologians with a degree in theology.


No one can hold any copyright over the principles or writings of God as they belong to him.  However, the normal rules of copyright apply to any writings but the principles of God are not able to be owned by anyone so cannot be modified by anyone.  As these are expressed in His Bible.  It follows that anyone who alters what the Bible says to change meaning will alter or possibly make unclear the principles of God and may no longer be writing truth.

What has to be written by Christian writers is what the Holy Spirit said to write and to use other words than what he has said may change the meaning.

Copyright has caused a problem with modern Bible translations because you cannot write what another version writes.  This means all modern Bibles have to say the same thing but in a different way, causing confusion between the various translations.

If you write what The Holy Spirit tells you to write with the words He gives you, this copyright problem will not arise.

To avoid copyright problems and not saying what The Spirit desires to say through you just write what the Holy Spirit says as He knows how to avoid any of these problems.


If you use the words The Holy Spirit tells you to use, then you will use the words He desires you to use.  He will tell you if the words you are using are to obscure, to big, too complicated or not easily understood by the average reader.

If you write for peope who have your language as a second language you will have a greater audience than if you only wrote for those who speak your language.

Christian writing is no place to showoff your word skills or knowledge of words or writing skills.  This will only hinder what The Holy Spirit is trying to communicate.

A mark of a Christian writer will be the concise, clear and easy to understand writing style they will show in their writings.  God is economical in all He does and will use the least number of words necessary to communicate what He desires to communicate.

There will be order in the flow of ideas.  This Will be seen in the basic structure of the book, within each chapter of The book and within each part of a chapter of the book.  The ideas with flow and will always have a relationship in some way to the main idea The Holy Spirit is communicating in that writing.

The Holy Spirit will give insights to the Christian writer that will be a revelation to them.  These will reveal deep truths about a matter being written about.

The writer will look at what they have written and wonder in surprise that they wrote that. Then they will understand it was The Holy Spirit who wrote it through them.

Because they will hear The Holy Spirit as they write, they not have to worry about structure and content.  The Holy Spirit knows it all and will guide the Christian writer through all stages of The writing.  All the writer needs to do is to write and do what The Holy Spirit tells them to write.

In conclusion

The writers is role is to communicate what God desires to communicate through them in the way God desires them communicated using the words He gives them to write.  It is not to communicate any part of themself, but to be completely transparent so that The Holy Spirit's words alone are seen in their writings.

Anything else is possibly idolatry If deliberately done.

May God give you a full understanding of what I have written as well as the high and holy calling a Christian writer has as a revealer (messenger) of the things of God, (the mysteries of God that the world cannot understand) but which are revealed to the Body of Christ to encourage them, give them Joy, and draw them to be more closer and intimate with God in relationship God has with them