36 Stewardship

God owns everything because He created everything and He allows us to use them according to His Guidelines.

We are just stewards of what He allows us to have and stealing is the unauthorised removal of an object from someone’s rightful stewardship of it to your unauthorised stewardship.

What are the duties of a steward?

They look after:

The property of the owner (Jesus)

The staff of the household (family)

The finances of the owner

Whatever the owner desires them to do (Lordship)

So how does this relate to the Christian life?

God is the owner of all we are steward of so we need to use them as He tells us too.

For correct stewardship to occur, Jesus must be Lord of your life and you need to be guided by The Holy Spirit when The Bible is silent or not clear about what you are to do.

He must be Lord of your:

Attitudes (mind)

Objectives and purposes

What you are steward of.

Otherwise in all these areas you may not do what He requires you to do.

So, who is in charge of the areas in your life?

Do you ask Jesus what to do when The Bible is silent or not clear about the matter in hand?

The Holy Spirit has been given to you to guide you in all areas which is why we should always have one ear listening for His advice and guidance.

So who rules your life?

You or Jesus?

Your salvation and eternal life depend on this