041 Grace

Grace is God doing something for you, you do not know you needed or do not deserve to receive.

If you did deserve it, it is not Grace but a reward.

The fact He rewards is also as part of His Grace.

He is our king and does not need to reward us for what we do for Him.

Grace is the expression of His love for you.  Like a Father loves His child and expresses this love in what He does for them.  They do not know what they need at times and at times do not deserve what you give them.

So, what does God’s Grace do for you?

What God’s Grace has done!

God brought you into existence before you knew what that was, giving you life and purpose. He has sustained you until now on earth and will do so through eternity and infinity. It was out of His Love for you that you He has done this and continues to do so.

His purpose in making you was for you to have an intimate personal relationship with Hin and enjoy all the good things He has made for you in heaven.

His Love, caused Him to send Jesus to earth to communicate directly with you to teach you what God required of you then sacrificed Jesus to meet all the spiritual consequences of your sin as well as to remove the barrier of defilement separating you from God.

His next act of Grace was to have The Holy Spirit strive with your spirit so that you would appreciate what God had done for you, offered you as well as what He has rescued you from so you would then leave the kingdom of darkness, follow Jesus and join The Kingdom of the Father as an appreciative citizen of His Love for you.  He then placed His presence in you so that you could talk to Him and hour of the day.

Out of His Love for you He gave you gifts to help you in your battles with the kingdom of darkness and so you could also do His work as a servant of His. He gives you only the gifts you need along with His delegated Authority (through His Son), as these are all that is needed for you to serve Him spiritually in the work He has chosen for you.  He also provides your physical needs to sustain you in your serving Him (Matt 6:32-34).

He never asks you to do more than He has trained you for or that you are physically or mentally able to do.

He also gave you authority over His enemy so that you could survive the attacks of this enemy and do the work of God’s Kingdom.

Without this delegated authority we would be at the mercy of Satan!

He matures you through His plan for your life. Suffering is a part of His Grace and is designed to either:

Mature you for greater service and rewards, or

Guide you back to a correct relationship with Jesus and The Father, or

Show you are worthy of what He has called you to do for Him, or

Prepares you for heaven through it, or

He draws you closer to Him because of it. Or more than one of the above.

He nurtures you and develops you (as well as protecting you from His enemy) until you understand your relationship with Him and what it means and so desire an intimate relationship with Him and His Son.  He does allow the enemy limited and controlled access to you for the purpose of maturity and growth as a follower of His.

Every breath you take, you take because He allows you too and keeps you alive.

Everything you do is done because He prepares you for it and helps you to do it.

Everything that happens to you does so because He sustains all things and controls them

Finally, He will accept you, after your death, and take you to the place He has prepared for you where you will dwell with Him and know Him forever in a relationship of Love, in a place that will see no more pain and suffering, forever in His presence where all things will be as it was in the beginning before man fell into sin.

All these He has done out of His Loving Grace as you did not know you needed these things.

How can you doubt His Love and Grace after all that He has done for you?

You should be thankful for what He has done, as ungratefulness, thanklessness or complaining about your circumstances dishonours Him, His Love and His Grace and says He does not know what He is doing so cannot be God.

Grace is the act of God taking a personal interest in your life, providing all you need for every aspect of your existence and being - even though you do nothing to deserve it or know you need it.

Your obedience, thankfulness and loving service to Him is the response you should have to God’s Love.  If you do not have this you may need deliverance to actually appreciate what God has done for you out of His Grace towards you.

The Grace of God is also shown in that He risks your rejecting Him as He removes the things of the world from your life and deals with things in your life that need correcting, replacing them with those things He wants you to have and use while maturing and discipling you through suffering, either physical, emotional or mentally.

Punishment is also His Grace as He uses it to try and turn you from your incorrect ways towards His Perfect Plan for your life!

Even hell is a sign of His Grace as He cannot have you in heaven if you reject Him so sends you to the only place left where the king exists whom you chose over His rule.  So, He is sending you to the kingdom of the king you chose to obey, even if only by being indifferent to what Jesus desires you to do for Him.

Grace is a natural outcome of God’s Love, as is His Graciousness. Grace and graciousness should be a natural part of your life’s expression of the reflection of the Character of God in you and will be if His Love is in you.

Each member of the Godhead expresses His Grace differently.

The Father, in sending Jesus, in providing your physical and spiritual needs, in ordering the circumstances of your life for The Holy Spirit to use to guide you into the maturity required of your relationship with Him and Jesus.

The Holy Spirit as His presence is in those who are citizens of The Kingdom of God and guides, empowers and matures them to the image of Jesus.  All of life’s experiences are designed purely for this development into the Character of Jesus and by this prepare you for your life in heaven with Him and The father.

The Lord Jesus, in giving up all He had in heaven and coming to earth as one of us to teach you about The Father, His Kingdom and The Holy Spirit, then dying to make possible what He had taught you about your roles, responsibilities relationships and rewards in The Kingdom, as well as sending The Holy Spirit to help you to keep these properly. It is with awe that you mention the Grace of Jesus to call you friend as well as step brother or step sister!

As the song says

It is Grace that has brought you thus far and it is Grace that will carry you home.

This does not cover the Grace of God expressed to you by The Trinity as whole when they all work in unison as one towards you.


Our response to God’s Grace should be thankfulness in all things as His Love and Grace are behind what happens to you because God is in complete control of all that happens to: you, creation, Satan, your circumstances, and uses them for your benefit now and in the eternity to

Not to accept what God allows and complain about it is to call His Love into question as well as to imply He made a mistake and that He is not perfect.

If you could see things as God sees them then you would always rejoice and never complain.

According to your degree of trust in God’s Love, Control, Purposes and Plans for you will be your thankfulness for, and acceptance of, what He allows to happen to you!