How Satan Attacks

This document discusses how Satan attacks you.

The Next talk discusses how to defend against him.

It is part of a series on Spiritual Warfare.

The previous document was a general one on spiritual warfare

This document is on his attacks

The next document is on how to defend against his attacks.

You must know how Satan attacks:

This is so that you can realise when there is an attack of Satan.

How does Satan attack?

Satan can only have you do something if you let him persuade you to do it.  Satan looks for weaknesses in you so when attacked you know you have a weakness in the area of attack and may need deliverance in that area.

You must accept what Satan offers you before you will do what he desires you to do and thus sin.

Satan attacks you by:

Placing wrong: thoughts, daydreams, imaginations and reasonings in your mind,

Wrong emotions and attitudes in your soul

Wrong feelings/sensations in your body.

Wrong desires in your spirit

Feeding you half-truths and errors about The Bible making you think they are your thoughts.

He misquotes Bible verses to do this or half quotes them so the real truth in the verse is not shown.

He also tries to have you:

Become angry


Reason out something

Assume things

Be indifferent to another’s needs (the opposite of Love is not hate but indifference).

Without checking the details and facts or what The Bible says about the situation.

This is so he can guide you in a situation through using wrong attitudes and habits he has moulded in you.  Any of the above occurring shows a need for deliverance.

He tries to:

Deceive you from the truth of a situation using half-truths or lies or

Distract you from what Jesus wants you to do often using things that are good in themselves but are not what Jesus desires you to do for Him.

He has to persuade you to reject the Lordship of Jesus in an area so he can obtain authority over it.  This is the only way he can obtain any authority over you.

The whole objective of Satan is to have you accept his values so that you will destroy the relationship you have with God.  This is why holiness (the rejecting of all Satan suggests to you either directly or indirectly through external things) is so important.

Satan will try to tell you things are different to what they really are, trying to build up attitudes and habits he can use.  These are called strongholds.

He has to make you accept his lies and misquotes of the truth so he can use you for his purposes or hinder your being used by Jesus.

He tries to make you believe that you cannot resist or fight him successfully so must give in to the wrong desire or attitude.

He has to convince you that something you have, you really do not have, or, that something you really do not have, you have.  If you are sane, he may suggest you have mental problems etc.  He will often suggest the opposite of what you are in the hope you believe him so he can then mould your thinking, attitudes and habits in the way he desires you too have them.

If you are saved, he will throw thoughts into your mind that question your salvation to the extent you will wonder if you are saved.  This is why it is good to write the date you were ‘saved in your Bible so you can refer to it when you have these doubts placed in your mind by Satan.

If you have a God given ministry, he will make you question that it is the correct one until you look elsewhere for the ministry he suggests you should have.

He places negative emotions on you like anger, lust and sensual pleasure to try and get you to sin or to distract you from the self-control God desires you to have so that you will sin because you desire the pleasures he suggests you more than what God desires you to do.

He can place moods on you like lust, fear, anxiety and depression so that you do not have the joy of God and wonder what is wrong with you that you have these things for no apparent reason.

He tries to get you to believe God does not Love you so that you will despair of anything good ever happening to you and give up hope of God helping you.  This is why you must believe God is Love and works only for your good in all circumstances (Rom 8:28) even though we may not see the good in the situation at that moment.  Remember that  there are no accidents with God or they would be out of His control so that He could not be God.

He uses peer pressure from relatives, friends, authority and media

He will try to  make you into something you are not but which seems better than you are at that moment.

God Loves you as you are

Not as you think you should be

And works with you where you are at

and not where you think you are at or should be at

And works with what you can do

and not what you think you are able too or should do

He give you all you  need to do His Will

and not what you think you need.

Otherwise He would not be a God of Love

Remember, Satan does things sneakily and will try to raise doubt about things in you especially God’s Love for you to have you start to questioning it.

He can only work in your mind or use your body to affect it so that everything you feel or think should be given to Jesus so that The Holy Spirit can warn you if it is wrong.

If he can get you to accept his thoughts then he can then either use you or hinder your walk with Jesus.

He has to have you think a certain way so he can use it for his purposes and uses all he can to make you think this way.

This is why when you have anything negative in your mind or body you are to cast it out in Jesus’ Name to The Throne of Judgement as Satan is behind it because God only gives us that which helps us live correctly.  Otherwise Satan may obtain a foothold in you on which to build a stronghold in you he can use against you and God.

A stronghold is a set of attitudes Satan has trained you to accept as normal.  The truths of The Bible and deliverance removes them from you.

Joh 8:32  And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

What Satan suggests will give you a lack of peace unless you desire it so much that you cannot hear The Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit convicts and does not cause shame, fear, doubt, condemnation or guilty feelings so these need to be attacked when they occur.

Remember that, because they are placed by Satan in your mind, all strongholds are mental and need new ways of thinking to remove them which is where the truth of a situation will set you free from a mental stronghold of Satan.

If you do not accept Satan’s thoughts, he cannot succeed in causing you to sin.

So the best defence is to command the thoughts, feelings, sensations etc, to go to The Throne of Judgement  in Jesus’ Name along with all they did to you and ask The Holy Spirit to take their place.

The Five Steps help in this as they ensure there is nothing in you in the area of your life that Satan is trying to use.

You must know how to fight Satan‘s attacks

You need to know how and when Satan is attacking so that you will realise you are being attacked and can deal with it.  Satan will try to destroy you or make you unable to be used by Jesus.  So you need to know how to fight him,0