14 Holiness

This is a document on Holiness

How important is holiness

Heb 12:14 Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord:

It is so important that without it you will not get to heaven.

Holiness is the result of other attitudes falling into place, namely:

You believe in who Jesus and made Him Lord of your life so you pursue holiness to exclude all from your life that would affect this adversely in some way.

Basically, holiness is a state in which you reject all Satan tries to get you to do, either directly, Or through pressure from other people.

To pursue holiness, you must know what is unholy and have The Holy Spirit guide you away from unholy things when you are not certain of their ‘holiness’.

This means you need to know The Bible to see what it calls unholy.

The truths of the Bible will free you from falling into unholy activities.

You can see why reading and studying T he Bible is so important as it is how we learn to have faith ion who God is.

There is a progression”

Faith leads to Lordship which leads to holiness which leads to stewardship and finally expressing the Character of God!

Holiness is an attitude of r ejecting everything Satan offers you.

Because it is an attitude you have you are completely in control of it and will have no one else to blame if you deliberately do an unholy action.

Satan can only get you to sin if you agree to accept what He offers you so that the key to holiness is to reject all of Satan’s things as well as what He suggest you.

So to do an unholy action not knowing it is such is not a sin and you do not lose your holiness.  It is when you deliberately do something that is unholy that sin occurs.

Remember that The Holy Spirit has been sent to guide you in all things so that is you are not sue something will adversely affect your holiness then consult Him.

How you hear Him is the subject of a later lecture.