45 If I was Satan

What I would do if I was Satan:

I would hide the Rapture and the Millennial Kingdom so that people would not desire them and wait for them to happen, even though these were a major hope of the early church for escaping the mess on planet earth.  People would not be prepared for them and many would miss the rapture and stay behind for me to rule and torment.

I would hide the true nature of God and of Lordship so that people did not obey Him as He desires to be obeyed.

I would Hide Hell and Demons and their nature so people would not know about them except in the way I spread through my smokescreen. They would not realise how important they were as motivation to obey Jesus as Lord and pursue holiness.

I would also promote my demons in various ways (ascended Masters, avatars and similar). Helpful spirits, beneficial and wise demons or people (movie start, television stars, sports stars etc so people would not know their true nature and follow them in preference to the Jesus the church usually promotes (if it even does that in public).

I would use television and movies to promote my version of the supernatural, mainly through cartoons and animated movies, and hide the truth of the spiritual realm from people.  I would misrepresent things in the spiritual realm to show what I wanted people to believe so that many would not know the truth about what was actually happening in that realm and see things as the really are.  I would even promote demons as being beneficial and a type of God so people would follow them and accept my evil demons more quickly.

If I was Satan, I would make denominational rules and guidelines and theological degrees more important than a relationship with Jesus and The Father or spiritual maturity, for the purposes of promotion in the denomination.  Knowledge and training would be a type of ‘god’ and promoted as being extremely important along with qualifications and administration ability for promotion in the denominational hierarchy.

I would have liberals, apostates and immature people replace Christian values with my values and destroy their faith and the churches they rule.

I would have ministers become administrators and keep them too busy to carry out their spiritual role in the church.

I would use images of my demons in cartoons and movies so that people would not think they were real so that any person seeing them would think they were hallucinating or having a dream.

I would make a culture of beauty everyone would need to measure up too to be acceptable romantically.  They would either waste time and money to reach that standard or develop low self-esteem thinking they would never be like that and have a chance to be married to someone ‘beautiful’.

I would promote self-esteem as being related to beauty and ability and by this destroy it in many hiding the true fact that self-esteem is because of what God thinks of them and not what other people think of them.

Fashion would become more sensual till the stage that semi-nakedness was acceptable in public and by this promote lust in people for the body of others.

I would also hide God’s standards of marriage, replacing them with my own, using the culture of beauty I had created to guide people into loveless and hopeless marriages.  Beauty would become more important than real love in determining marriage partners so that once the beauty was gone the marriage would end.

I would promote an alternative belief system to Christianity for those who did not have a correct view of God or  did not know what to believe (atheist and agnostics).  I would use science as the basis of it so that it would not be questioned and I would call it evolution and use it to have people deny God as creator (and thus deny God) and even compromise the faith of Christians as they tried to combine evolution and The Bible, reinterpreting parts of the Bible to do this.

Through this I would wreck the faith of many as they compromised The Bible and their faith to merge these two belief systems in some way.

I would invent a new bible Greek text that was forged and have it make Jesus to be human and not God until after He died so that He was not divine at birth and could not be part of the Trinity or give the delegation to people to overcome me and defeat me and my plans.  (Carefully examine modern bible to see how He has succeeded).

I would hide The Kingdom of God and what the true gospel was so that people would not serve The Kingdom but the denomination I have replaced it with and did not know that salvation is a relationship with The Father and Jesus and not just inviting Jesus in your heart and being a good churchgoer.

By having a church/laity system I would have many people go to church and expect the minister to do what they should be doing and as the minister also believed this God’s work would not be done as it could being limited to the few people in the denomination paid to do it and recognised as qualified by the denomination.

If they knew God’s Will for their ministry, I would have them doing things that were godly but not what God wanted them to do and by this also hinder the work of The Kingdom of God.

I would have the church form denominations or similar associations and have them promote the denomination and not The Kingdom of God and not have them realise the denomination is not The Kingdom of God.  By this I would destroy the unity of The Spirit Christians should have.

Within churches I would form, cliques or groups that would further divide the church and cause people to feel rejected or desire to be part of the group and so be acceptable.

I would foster self-esteem in the denomination to be related to what you did or were allowed to do in the denomination or church so that anything the denomination allowed would be desired, no matter how small it was.

In all these things he has been greatly successful so that the modern church is nothing like it was in the beginning or as God desires it to be.