22  Is Jesus really your Lord?

Are you doing what He told you to do?

When you became a Christian, you promised to obey Jesus because you called Him your Lord to command you as He willed.

What did Jesus do?

He promoted and demonstrated the Kingdom of God.

He destroyed the works of the devil and freed people from Kingdom of Satan demonstrating the Authority of The Kingdom of God over Satan and by this showing whom He was and that the Kingdom was real.

So what did He tell us to do?

Pursue holiness (the rejection of all Satan offers to us to do)

He told us to Go into the world and tell the good news about the Kingdom of God and what God had done to enable you to enter it

He called us His brethren and friends and that God desired an intimate relationship with each one of us

He told us to demonstrate the authority of The Kingdom over Satan and Nature and by this show He and The Kingdom’s reality

He told us to destroy the works of Satan and free people from the effects of Satan’s kingdom when they decided to follow Jesus as Lord

He told us to teach His Commandments and not to be afraid as we did these things because He said He would never leave us or forsake us.  He would always be there to help us

So, whenever Jesus asks us to do any of these things, we should be ready and able to do them.

This is why we are told to study The Bible so we know these things and are able to fulfill whatever Jesus desires us to do in these areas.  If we do not know how to do theses things then we should be learning how to do them.