55 God’s influence in your life

By definition God is: All Powerful, All Knowing, Everywhere.  Anything existing outside these parameters is a God and by definition there can be only one God.

He is:

All Powerful – Everything is sustained by Him and He can do anything.  Whatever occurs He allows or authorises and energises or it would not exist.

All Knowing – He knows everything about everything including everything about your Life

Present everywhere – Nothing exists outside of God.  Everything exists in God!

So How does this apply to us?

Everything we do is sustained and allowed or promoted by God who enables us to do it as we are not able to sustain ourselves or give us the life we need to do it.

God is everywhere so that we are never out of His protection and provision or judgement.

He knows everything we need and provides for what we need when we do not know we need it if we are doing His Will (Matt 6:33 is His promise).

So how should this knowledge affect us?

He gives us life and sustains us to enjoy what He has provided for us

He is always able to protect us and meet our needs

He knows what we need and will do only what is best for us and His Kingdom

What should this knowledge result in us?

Appreciation of His Love for us

Appreciation of all He does for us

Thanksgiving for whatever happens to us.

A desire to do His Will out of love and gratitude to Him for what He has done.

God is a God of Love.  If He was not when we did certain things against His Will there would be a flash of lightning, a puff of smoke and a pile oof ash where we had stood.