24 'Jesus Satan and you

You are the ham in the sandwich" between two kings battling for control of your life. Each desiring you to be with them for eternity.

Satan, who rules hell and at the moment as well as the earth and who wants you in hell so he can torment you, and Jesus, who rules heaven and has outposts on earth in the citizens of The Kingdom of God on the earth.

Jesus desires to restore you to the relationship with Him that He created mankind for and desires you to be in heaven with Him so He can give you all the pleasures He originally created for you!

The king who rules you obey when you die is the one whose kingdom you go to.

If you reject the laws of God in any way you go to hell. Christians have lived a good Christian life  but would not forgive another as required by the Father so have gone to hell!

This is why Jesus must be Lord of all you do and you must pursue holiness so you will reject all Satan suggests you do.

This is why you need to study the Bible to know what God desires you to do so you will not sin.

Sin is deliberately doing something God does not want you to do and not what others say you should know or do.

Remember to always do what God desires you to do and not what others say you should do.  Satan could be using them against you which is why it is always good to have another Godly person to confirm what you intend to do or think if you are not sure it is correct.

This is also why you test what spirit is behind the thought or advice.

This is also why you always need to be advised by The Holy Spirit who has been given to you by God to advise and help you.

You are immersed on earth in a world run by Satan and around you is his environment designed to distract you or deceive you away from what God desires to do or even to sin.

Jesus expects you to live up to your level of spiritual maturity.  He judges you on what do with what you know and not on what others say you should know or do.

One of Satan’s greatest ruses is to divert you away from something. God desires you to do so you do something that good in itself but is not what God desire you to do and by this subverting the work of the Kingdom of God in some way!

Perhaps His two greatest plans that have succeeded is to make people not know salvation is an intimate relationship with each member of The Trinity and to believe once they have made a decision for Christ, they are saved so do not pursue Lordship and holiness without which you will not get to heaven.

You must continually discipline yourself to remove from your attitudes all that are not Christian but belong to the world of Satan which means you need to study the Bible to know what is of God and what is from Satan.

You need to know how Satan attacks you and how to defend yourself against them.

Satan places thoughts in your mind, emotions and feelings on your body and people around you who will try and subvert your faith in some way in the hope you will think the way Satan desires you too, accept them as you own thoughts, emotions or feelings so that you will accept the way He wants you to think and then do them.  To get you to sin Satan must have you accept what he suggest you do!.

Sin is deliberate disobedience against a law of God so accidentally or unintentionally disobeying a law of God does not result in sin.

Anything negative or ungodly thought, feeling or emotion is from Satan. So tell it to go in the Name of Jesus take all it has done to you with it and ask the Holy Spirit to take its place.

If it is something you are attacked in many times and you have trouble dealing with these temptations you may need deliverance.

If you do sin all Jesus asks is that you wholeheartedly try not to do the sin again.

You will not go to hell for sinning and trying wholeheartedly not to do the sin but for sinning and not really trying not to do it again.

God does not look at our results but our heart attitude in what we do!

The victory was won by Jesus over Satan at Calvary and you need to learn how to walk in that victory and how to use the delegation Jesus has given you over Satan to repulse his attacks and maintain holiness and to maintain your side of the salvation relationship you have with Jesus and the Father guided by the Holy spirit so that it is not compromised or lost.

The Christian life is the expression of the love relationship you have with each member of the Trinity.  How much you love them will determine how hard you work at Lordship, holiness and the relationship you have with each of them.