16 Lordship

This document discusses Lordship. It is part of a series of lectures basic attitudes which discuss:

People have no real idea what it means to have a Lord.

Satan has used democracy these days to hide it.

People say Jesus is Lord but most do not live that way as they do not really know what it means to have Jesus as their Lord!

Webster’s dictionary defines Lord as follows:

1. A master; a person possessing supreme power and authority; a ruler; a governor.

In otherwords one who can dictate everything you do and has power of life and death over you.

Jesus can only be Lord if you know His requirements of you so that you can do them.  This is why we have been given The Holy Spirit to guide us which means we need to know how to hear His guidance and teaching.

The degree to which you believe in Jesus will determine the degree you will obey Him as your Lord.

Because He is Lord what He says is not just a suggestion or recommendation you can ignore.  What The Lord says is what you must do.  This is why you need to know your Bible so that you know what He requires of you.

Jesus said that if we called Him Lord, we would do what he says.

Christians call Him Lord but do not do what He says.  At times this is from ignorance because pastors do not preach it so that they will have to give an account to Jesus for not preaching all His Will to people.

Sin only occurs if you deliberately do not do what Jesus requires you to do.

If you do not realise His Will then you do not sin unless you ignore The Holy Spirit telling you not to do the thing you are about to do.

Lordship is a decision and if it is not a full one but deliberately half-hearted, because you do not give to Jesus every area of your life to be Lord of, you risk going to hell by not following Him in all your areas so you could be doing something Satan wants you to do when you die so that you will go to be with him in his kingdom of hell.

One reason you need to study and memorise The Bible to know what Jesus desire you to do for Him and His Kingdom

As the occasion arises you will:

Proclaim it (evangelism)

Defend It Fight for it (spiritual warfare)

Demonstrate  His Authority over Satan and his works that Jesus has delegated to us (exorcism and healing using His Name).

Encourage each other to live as you should

Teach others how to live it and relate to Jesus on a personal basis.

Lordship requires a change of focus from your plans and objectives to those of Jesus which means denying your self and doing what Jesus desires you to do.

Satan has trained the world to be self-indulgent and seek its own purposes before that of others so that this self-denial is difficult in a world where others are enjoying what they want to do.

As you focus on their fate (hell) you will reject their lifestyle and follow what Jesus desires you to do which is best for you which prepares you for heaven.

Lordship is something you must decide to do and will have no one else to blame if you do not do it wholeheartedly and end up in hell.