Modesty is not just in clothes but in behaviour as well!

Satan has organised fashion (which he controls) so that what is seen does not leave much to the imagination. He does this to stir up the flesh so it will overcome your spirit.

Remember the battle is between the spirit and the flesh and whichever wins will determine where you end up in eternity.

This is why clothes should be modest: No breast visible, dresses below knees, not to tight so nothing is suggested.

This is how The Bible suggests-a woman should dress.

This also stops men looking at your body-and not your face so they do not see you but a body to desire and lust after.

God wants you to be desired for who you are as a person and not what you look like. This is why your hair should always be tidy to show off your face!

The Bible says hair is a woman’s crowning glory so you should always care for it.

Jesus desires His women to be modest and if you love Him you will dress modestly.

A woman must be modest- No man likes a woman who is not gentle, gracious, feminine or quiet.

So, when you look at the latest fashion and cosmetics and such things as body piercing, jewellery and cosmetics, just remember Satan is behind the designs and practices to make you look as ungodly as possible and to take you as far away from what God desires you to be as he can.

Also, when you watch women in movies and the morals they have, just remember they are designed to take you as far as away from how God desires you to behave as a woman.

The environment you are in is owned by Satan who does all he can through it to make it promote what the woman God should not be.