54 Earth is preparation for eternity in heaven

If we looked at everything we do in life as part of God’s preparation of us to be with Him in heaven we would do many things differently.

If we realised everything had a consequence, one of which was to prepare us for heaven we would consider more carefully what we did.

If we realised our obedience was part of God’s preparation for us to live as we need to in heaven then we would look at obedience differently.

If we realised expressing God’s quality of love was to prepare us for the attitudes we need in heaven we would act differently to others.

If we looked upon The Holy Spirit as our teacher and guide in this preparation for heaven, we would treat Him differently and have one ear open to Him 24 hour a day instead of when we need to hear Him.

If we realised that eternal life was a relationship with The Father and Jesus guided by The Holy Spirit, we would seek to develop this relationship on earth in preparation for its fulfilment in heaven.

If we realised that when we minister, we are being used by God to prepare others for heaven we would look upon it differently.

Everything in life has a purpose behind which is God’s preparation of us and others through us to spend eternity with Him in heaven.

We do not need to know what the purpose is.  All we are required to do is obey and minister with the same quality of Love with which God ministers to us out of His Love for us.

We are citizens of heaven living on earth in enemy territory and need to express its attitudes in all we do and think in preparation for going home to heaven.