30 Self valuation

How you value yourself as a person depends on

Your self-esteem

Your self-worth

Your self-value

The input from for these comes from three sources:

What God says about you found in the Bible

What others say about you

What conclusions year reach about yourself from what you read and hear!

How God values us

Jesus values you more than everything in the universe.

He owned everything and ruled everything but gave it all up to be born on earth as one of us so He could Teach us what God required of us to be in heaven with Him, then died a terrible death to remove all the barriers stopping us from getting to heaven to be with Him.

Other people

They will encourage you through praise and constructive criticism and build you up as a person.

You need to ask the Holy Spirit if they are correct and not someone doing it so that they can use you for something.

Destructive Criticism

Do not argue, reason, react at assume it is correct but ask The Holy Spirit about it. He will tell you if there is any truth in what they say which may mean you need to make some changes.

Remember, Satan uses people to attack you through fake criticism as well as people who who feel really bad about themselves or have low self-esteem who will attack you to make them look better than you so they feel better than you and by this give themselves a fake sense of self-esteem.

Personal Inputs

This comes from any source of media.

These need to be compared to what the Bible says so you do not have a wrong opinion about yourself from what they say and they should be evaluated by The Holy Spirit if you are not certain about them and have Him explain why they have problems being accepted by you.

Jesus gave up a universe for you He thought you were so valuable.  What are you willing to give up for Him?