59 What is sin

Sin is primarily rebellion against God!

An example of Sin is the first one ever committed on earth.

Satan, whom God considered a servant, saw Adam and Eve were treated differently to Him.  There is a difference between the way you treat a servant and a friend.  So, Satan, who was jealous of their relationship with God,  conspired to have them doubt God’s Love and Authority.

He made them doubt God’s Authority so they did what they wanted to do and not what God had commanded them to do.

They doubted God’s Love by doubting His stopping them eating what must have appeared a beautiful fruit to eat and so their lust was aroused over the fruit and they ate it.

These two elements are always in a sin and cause incorrect stewardship of a person or thing so that there are three things done when you sin:

Idolatry by making, whatever you are placing before obedience to God, an idol (god) by ignoring God’s requirement of you

Doubting His Love and calling Him a liar by implying His Love is not perfect towards you

Incorrect stewardship of something He has asked you to look after for Him.

According to the degree of your Love and relationship with Jesus will be the degree of obedience to Him.

Lordship and the pursuit of holiness prevent sin which is why they are so important.

The other comment is that sin is deliberate disobedience and not accidental disobedience because you do not know it is wrong.

Remember it is in The Bible what God says is sin and The Holy Spirit that shows you your sin and not what others say is sin so that church regulations and pronouncements can be broken if they are not against the law of God and to enforce them is to show a lack of love unless the laws of the land require them to be obeyed.

What happens when you sin (deliberately reject God’s requirements of you).

God is a king and rebellion against a king results in exile and/or execution.

So, when we sinned, we are exiled from God’s Kingdom the fellowship we have with Him and die physically on earth and spiritually (we cannot enter heaven and go to hell the only other place we can go to).

God does not send people to hell.  They go there because they cannot enter heaven and it is the only other place they can go to.  They were ruled by Satan when they die (by default as they did not belong to the Kingdom of God) and the king you are ruled by is the one whose kingdom you go to when you die.

So, mankind was in a predicament.  He had a penalty to pay and could not pay it as it was an offence against an infinite God and required an infinite penalty which man could not pay.

God required an unblemished sacrifice to pay the price of the penalty and this Jesus did at Calvary.  Never having sinned in His life he was an unblemished sacrifice.

Because Jesus had not sinned the penalty of death was not applicable so God had to raise Jesus from the dead!   Jesus could have mentioned this fact at any time and stopped His execution but chose to die to remove the penalty we had to pay.  His death being infinite (because He was God) covered everyone who ever lived at any time anywhere in the universe, provided they followed Him as their Lord so that they belonged to His Kingdom when they died.

The penalty being removed by His death God now sees us as having no offence against Him so can enter again into the relationship we had originally with Him before we sinned and so can enter the Kingdom of God and our home in heaven because Jesus is our Lord so that we are a citizen of The Kingdom of God,

All that is required is to wholeheartedly try not to sin and follow Jesus as your Lord which means doing what He tells you in the Bible and by The Holy Spirit.

If we fail, we have to wholeheartedly repent and keep trying to obey.

God knows we are dust and will fail buy looks at our heart as it tries to obey and not our results.

You will not go to hell for trying and failing.  You there because you stopped trying and keep sinning.

All guilt, shame and condemnation were removed by Jesus at Calvary as all the sinned that caused it were dealt with by Him there.  These now come from Satan and the demons putting them on you should be sent to hell.

The Holy Spirit convicts you of sin and does not accuse you of it making you ashamed, guilty and condemning you for doing it.

If you have trouble overcoming a sin first obtain deliverance in that area and ask The Holy Spirit for the truths you need to know that will set you free.