29 Suffering

suffering is a sign of God's Love for you.

It is a way of getting your attention so when you suffer you need to find out why you are suffering.  What God is trying to tell you.

There are many reasons for suffering

It is used to draw you back to Him to a more intimate relationship with Him

It can be used to change the direction of your life or ministry so it does what He desires you to do for Him

To have you do things you would not normally do for Him

To stop you doing something that may railroad life or ministry

To stop you sinning

To stop you going to hell

Roman 8.28 applies. to all He does and that includes suffering.

Suffering may be the results of sin.

An example in a woman giving birth to a child and she is not married. She will suffer childbirth pain and criticism and rejection by people but if she repents Jesus will help work through all she suffers from having a child born out of wedlock.

We have the example of Jesus who endured unjust suffering because of the good that would result from His suffering.

You do not know how God will use it in the lives of others.  As you suffer uncomplainingly you bring Glory to God and show His reality in the life of a believer.

If you believe God is in control and loves you and that all He allows to happen will be to your good then to complain about your suffering calls God a liar.

So, you need to work out why you are suffering and work towards that purpose of God for your life. The sooner you work these out the sooner the suffering will have purpose and will be easier to endure and may even end.