Spiritual Warfare.

This document discusses some aspects of Spiritual warfare

It is about the battle we have with the rules of darkness and the demonic soldiers they send against.  Their desire is to take as many as they can of us to hell so they can torment them and have them thrown into the lake of fire with them.

We are in this battle because we live on earth in enemy territory which rightfully belongs to Jesus as spoils of war but which He has not claimed yet and relies on us to fight and expand His Kingdom for Him.

Part of spiritual warfare is knowing how Satan attacks and how He attacks as well as how to fight back and defeat him.

He was defeated at calvary and all we are doing is enforcing that victory over him when we fight him using the delegation Jesus gives us to do this.

What is spiritual warfare?

Spiritual warfare is the fighting of the plans of Satan and removing his control over things.  It is fought in the supernatural realm but may have its effect in the natural realm.

It has different expressions:

Fighting demons attacking you or something or someone else

Freeing people from the kingdom of darkness (Evangelism)

Removing the effects of the kingdom of darkness on people (deliverance)

Destroying the plans and working of Satan.

Protecting things or plans by preventing Satan attacking them (Defending The Kingdom).

By the very fact you live in enemy territory you are always facing the prospect of their attacking you so that you should always be in a state of constant alert being ready to attack the enemy (Satan and his demons) when they attack you.

Any negative thoughts, feelings, emotions, idyll thoughts or daydreams come from Satan or are the result of a sin desire and need to be dealt with.

What are the qualifications of a spiritual warfare fighter?

They must be a Christian whom has Jesus 100% as their Lord living a holy life

They must fully believe in The King James Bible so they can believe wholly in the authority over Satan delegated to them by Jesus (modern bibles do not have this usually so cannot be used  as the basis for deliverance or spiritual warfare),

They must apply this authority (They must be willing to fight Satan and defend The Kingdom and its people).

Jesus stated no other requirements so any person of any age or sex who meets the three requirements can do spiritual warfare.

The delegation to cast out demons is not been given to us according to the modern bible that implies this is not in the original codices which is why you must us the King James Bible that still has this in.  The delegation was in these so called ‘better’ codices but was written out before publication and the lie that it was not in most early bibles was promoted.

The other problem is that they are proven forgeries including the one derived from them used as the basis of modern bible translation.

Young children can defeat Satan when attacked if taught how to do so as long as they know what they are doing.  They should be taught to use the five steps to do this.

Who is required to attack Satan?

Every Christian is to learn how to fight Satan and defeat him and his plans (spiritual warfare) as well as rescue people from his kingdom (evangelism) (Mark16:17-18, Matt 28:18-20) and free them from the effects of Satan (deliverance).  If you do not know how to attack Satan or defend yourself from his attack's you are at his mercy and are not following Jesus by ignoring two of His major Ministries.





Now that you have seen how simple deliverance and spiritual warfare are you have no excuse for not doing them when Jesus asks you to dol t hem.

Evangelism Spiritual warfare and deliverance were the three main ministries of Jesus and if you would be like Him then you will do these things.

You have no excuse foe not doing them because you now know how to do them now.

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