65 The Great King

Read this through to the end

There was a great King at war with a powerful enemy

The army seemed to be ignoring His instruction on how to fight and were not winning the war.

So, He came to them and taught them how they should be living to win the war.

He taught them this as well as how to fight successfully and while they were learning He died in the battle.

His death gave His troops time to regroup as well as the courage to fight and win as well as taught them how to live and fight to win the battle.

They showered the highest honours on Him and gave Him a great state funeral that all His followers attended and as a result of His actions the war was won and they lived as a citizen of His Kingdom should live.

This King was Jesus and this is what He did for us!

He came to earth, in the middle of the battle ground to show us how we are to live and give us the delegated authority to win the war.

But His church does not honour Him or tell people of His great Love that cause Him to come to earth and teach us these things then die to make it possible.

They honour man more than they honour him so that great acts of heroism in a physical war are honoured and great acts in the spiritual war are ignored.

So how do you honour Jesus?

How do you remember His heroism in coming to earth to help his citizens live correctly and enable them to fight His battle for Him!