This talk discusses some basics of the Christian life

This document is about some basics of the Christian life

The Christian life begins by The Father giving you an understanding of who Jesus is and by this allow my you to develop faith in whom Jesus is.

You make the decision but He does what is necessary to make it possible. When you understand who He is you make Him your lord and desire to serve Him so you make yourself Holy.

The Father sanctifies you and sets you apart for Jesus.

You then serve Him by being a good steward of all He gives you to look after for Him.

You desire to be like Him go you discipline yourself to express His qualities of character in all you do thus expressing His love in all that you do or happens to You

Because you love Him so much you tell others about, who He is what He has done and is doing for them as well as what He has done for you

You tell them about the beauty of His kingdom and joys of it when you go there after death.

You also warn them that they could to hell, where an enemy rules, if they reject Jesus

You desire to defend His things and rescue people from the enemy kingdom so that they can have the same relationships ax with Him and joys you have because of the relationship they will have with God.

The Christian life becomes the expression of the relationship you have with God!

To live the Christian life properly you need to know its guidebook, the Bible, and how to apply its truths to bet able to defeat the attacks of Satan and live as you should.

You also need to be guided by the Holy Spirit who is sent by God to guide you and give you understanding and knowledge to live as God desire requires you to live.

Some definitions

Faith is a belief in something you cannot see you have no doubt about its existence.

You either believe in God and His things or you do not.

There is no half-hearted belief in God.

Half-hearted belief is the same as disbelief

Lordship is the agreement that Jesus is Lord of all and controls your life so that you do all He asks of you because you believe it is best for you and out of love for Him and not fear because He is your spiritual step-brother.

Holiness is the rejection of everything that  Satan places on you to stop your lordship attitude and follow what he desires you to do in some way so that you faith is compromised

Stewardship is taking care of all God gives you:

Anything He gives you to care for Him

His character is Love which needs to be expressed and really only can be expressed if it is a part of your character so you need to discipline to show this love to all.

You are not required to love what they do but you are required to have the same love for others that God has for you.

If you do this you are truly His Child.

You need to know how to defend His Kingdom (The Bible tells you what you need to know to dp this)

You need to know how to promote God’s Kingdom

You need to know how to use the Authority Jesus has delegated to you so you can use it for the purposes of His Kingdom.

You need to know how to develop the relationship you have with Jesus and The father.

In Jn 17:3 we are told:

Joh 17:3  And this is everlasting life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom You have sent. 

It is two relationships spoken of:

With The father as a citizen of His Kingdom of heaven.

With Jesus as the ruler of earth.

We are told in Rom 8 v15:

Rom 8:15 For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father. 

The Holy Spirit has been given to us to show we have been adopted by God and is His spiritual child.  This makes us part of His Family f which Jesus is His natural born son.

This also means Jesus is our spiritual step brother and we obey Him not out of fear of Him punishing us as our ruler but out of Love for a family member so that we can serve his purposes and defend and expand His Kingdom.

So you need to develop this relationship with The Father and Jesus;

After all the Christian life is the expression of the love relationship you have with The Father and Jesus guided by The Holy Spirit.

Now you know these things you sin if you do not do them.

It is up to you whether you go to heaven or hell.

Remember, which king (God or Satan) you are obeying when you die is the one whose kingdom you will go too, either heaven or hell.

This is why we need to be always repented up so that we are not in Satan’s kingdom through knowingly rejecting something God desires us to do.