Personal Prophecy guidelines

Desiring a Prophecy

You ask The Holy Spirit if you are to ask for a prophecy and who to ask for it.

If you are not meant to ask for one and seek one then Satan can give you one and cause you all kinds of problems.

If you are asked to give one

1 Ask if you are to give one to the person asking for it

                Is someone else supposed to give it?

                Is it time for them to receive the prophecy they desire?

2 If you are to give it ask when you are to give it

3 Then ask how much of it you are to give


1 You are only the mouthpiece so must only say what The Holy Spirit tells you to say

2 If there is a blessing pronounced there will be a condition which may have been already met

3 If there is a warning there will always be a way to deal with the warning unless it is judgment being pronounced.

God always promises a way to deal with the problem causing the warning unless it is-to late!

Should you ask for money or a donation?

You are giving something to them God has given you free of charge:

Tell me anyone in the Bible who was paid for prophesying?

You can state that the ministry is free but any donations given would be appreciated.