A different perspective of The Gospel

The Gospel is usually presented as ‘obey God become a Christian or go to hell’.

This misses the whole point of it that it is God’s Love trying to restore you to the relationship mankind originally had with Him in the Garden.

Jesus rules the universe so you must obey His Laws.

Everyone at some time breaks one of laws.

It is called rebellion against the King

For this act you are cast out of Kingdom of God and the only other place left to go to is the Kingdom of His enemy, Satan.

At the moment that is on earth and in hell because he rules both.

God made you to relate personally to Him and does not want you in the enemy Kingdom to face all the terrible things Satan wants to do to you so has done everything He can to remove you from There to His Kingdom.

But first you must accept Jesus as your King and try to wholeheartedly to obey Him.

If you do this you are saved from going to the enemy’s kingdom when you die.

However the spiritual dirt placed on you because of your rebellion stops you going to heaven to be with God.

Calvary is where Jesus removed the spiritual dirt and met the punishment God required of your rebellion so you do not have to suffer it.

You need to make Jesus your King (Lord).

Try wholeheartedly to obey Him

Do Whatever He asks you to do for Him

Study His Bible to know what He requires of you

Learn to love others as He Loves them so you can correctly relate and minister to people.

Develop the intimate relationship Jesus and the Father in heaven desires to have with you.

You must be guided by the Holy Spirit all you do so you do it as God desires you too unhindered by personal feelings, reasoning and emotion..

God gives you The Holy Spirit to help you live as He desires you to live.

He is a person so you can talk to Him and be advised by Him what to do when the Bibles is not clear about something or need to know something.

Remember God loves as you are and accepts you as you are and not how you or others think you should be.

So whatever God allows to happen to you has His love in it somewhere and is for your best (Rom 8:28).

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