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The Web Pages of Neville Salvetti

Everything on my site is free and can be downloaded and used for the purposes of The Gospel. If you use anything from my website a small mention would be appreciated but is not necessary. You may sell anything I have written providing any profits are used for the proclamation of The Gospel and Christianity.
Remember, God is watching how you use these monies.
I do not ask for donations.
Every prophet and writer in The Bible knew they were only messengers an would be paid by the message giver in heaven so did not ask for anything for the message.
I do not ask for donations but if God moves you to give me something I will accept but only after praying about it as I do not want giving from emotions.
After all I do not argue with God if He wants someone to bless me.
Email me on salvettiqn@bigpond.com if you have any questions.
Ask The Holy Spirit to give you understanding what I say as well as how to apply it.

Remember. God alone has the copyright on Christianity and its contents
What we can copyright is how it is printed and presented.

Neville Salvetti

Any questions or suggestions can be emailed to me at salvettiqn@bigpond.com