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Most of what follows are short articles and there are books on my site covering them at length.
Read why God made you Why did God make you and how Christianity is basically a relationship with The Father and Jesus guided by The Holy Spirit and how you belong to the spiritual family of God of which every true Christian is a member. (Jesus said that only 20% 0f Christians go up in the rapture because they know about Him but do not have this intimate, personal relationship).
Read about the basics of The Christian life Some basics about Faith, Lordship, holiness, stewardship and the attitude that is basic to the Christian life (Love)
Then learn how important The Holy Spirit is to you in The Kingdom of God The Holy Spirit
This means you need to know more about The Holy Spirit
You should also read up about Deliverance, Spiritual Warfare and learn the Five Steps to victory The Five Steps over Satan and read th e primer on Deliverance and spiritual warfareA basic Primer .
After that read as The Holy Spirit directs.
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